Airport Aiming to Eliminate Liquid Restrictions with Planned 3D Scanners

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Airport Aiming to Eliminate Liquid Restrictions with Planned 3D Scanners

Speaking exclusively to the Times of Malta, Alan Borg, the CEO of Malta International Airport, revealed that the company is in the process of soliciting quotes from seven scanner providers for new 3D scanning technology to enhance security checks.

This advanced technology enables passengers to retain laptops, liquids, and other items in their hand luggage, as it generates a detailed 3D image of the contents. The primary objective is to enhance the customer experience and alleviate frustrations stemming from the current restrictions on liquids and laptops. Presently, the security area houses six scanners, and Borg’s plan is to have two 3D scanners operational by early 2024.

This strategic move aligns with international trends, mirroring the adoption of similar systems at airports such as New York’s JFK and Amsterdam’s Schiphol. Notably, airports in the UK and Ireland are on track to implement these systems by mid-2024. The introduction of this new technology may also alleviate the 100ml liquid limit, which was initially implemented in 2006 due to security concerns.


Eve Borg Bonello Sheds Light on the Shocking Reality of Rats & Rubbish

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In a passionate and urgent call for action, Nationalist MP Eve Borg Bonello has brought to the forefront a distressing issue that has been plaguing the streets of Malta. With a resounding plea, “Our streets can’t be playgrounds for rats and rubbish anymore!” Borg Bonello has sounded the alarm on the ongoing “garbage crisis” that has left residents exasperated and communities frustrated.

In a video shared on her social media platform, Borg Bonello painted a stark picture of the current situation. The picturesque localities of Sliema, St Julian’s, Swieqi, and more have been marred by the unsightly presence of heaps of trash that now characterize their streets. Residents have been enduring the distressing reality of sharing their living spaces with rats and mountains of waste.

The video, shared with a sense of urgency, captures the essence of the issue as Borg Bonello stands resolutely in front of a pile of refuse. She eloquently voices the concerns of her constituents, pointing out that this garbage crisis has become a pressing matter that demands immediate attention and concrete action.

The plight of these affected communities has caught the attention of concerned citizens across Malta.


“RUGRATS” Celebrates 32 Year Of Giggles, Diaper-Filled Adventures!

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Step aside, grown-ups, because it’s time to throw the ultimate toddler-sized bash! That’s right, folks – our favorite pint-sized adventurers, the Rugrats, have officially hit the terrific age of 32! 

Can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday we were chuckling at their adorably hilarious antics and marveling at their pint-sized wisdom.

It was 32 years ago when “Rugrats” first wiggled its way onto our TV screens, forever changing the way we looked at diaper-wearing dynamos. This groundbreaking Nickelodeon gem introduced us to four unforgettable talking babies – Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil – as they navigated the bewildering world of toddlerhood.

Over the course of nine laughter-filled seasons, “Rugrats” regaled us with a whopping 172 episodes of toddler triumphs, sibling squabbles, and heartwarming life lessons. From daring escapades through the perilous expanse of a backyard to tackling the mysteries of mashed peas, the Rugrats carved their place in our hearts with their boundless curiosity and unmatched cuteness.

But hold onto your sippy cups, because that’s not all! The Rugrats didn’t just stick to the small screen; they blossomed into a full-fledged pop culture phenomenon. This iconic show gifted us with not one, but two sensational spin-offs. “All Grown Up!” took us on a wild ride as we watched our beloved babies navigate the awkward terrain of adolescence. And let’s not forget “Rugrats Pre-School Daze,” a pint-sized peek into their early escapades that had us rolling with laughter!

But wait, there’s more! As if the small screen wasn’t enough to contain their mega-watt charm, the Rugrats made a splash on the silver screen not once, not twice, but thrice! Three fabulous films propelled our favorite tikes into the cinematic spotlight, proving that their appeal knows no bounds.


Blessing of Fishermen’s Boats Marks Arrival of Lampuki Season

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Marsaxlokk’s tranquil shores were bathed in a spiritual glow as a solemn mass resonated across the coastline, heralding the eagerly anticipated lampuki season.

In a tradition woven into the very fabric of local fishing culture, the blessing of fishermen’s boats took center stage, a poignant prelude to the bustling frenzy of the upcoming season.

As the blessing ceremony unfolded, wishes of prosperity and abundant harvests for the forthcoming season were woven into the salty sea breeze. Bugeja Said underscored the vital role of the fishing industry in bolstering the country’s culture and food security.

The gradual shift towards sustainable practices, echoing the spirit of the times, was lauded as a harmonious marriage of heritage and innovation.

With the lampuki season officially commencing on August 15 and casting its nets until the year’s end, the sea becomes a stage for a dance between tradition and progress.

A fleet of 84 fishing vessels, laden with nets, palms, ropes, and stones, stands ready to navigate the waves in pursuit of the prized lampuki.


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