AI recreates Valletta City Gate from 1964

AI recreates Valletta City Gate from 1964
Jun 2 2023 Share

AI creator @malta.ai is at it again, this time reimagining Valletta City Gate were the post-independence alterations have remained to this day. 

‘The gate’s sculptural relief, created by artist Edward Caruana Dingli, depicts historical motifs and symbols, capturing the spirit of a nation forging its own identity’ the creator explained. 

In collaboration with Colour My Travel, the images show the entrance during the day and at night as people make their way into or out of the capital of the island. 

‘The architecture reflects the prevailing modernist style of the time, with clean lines and geometric forms. The gate’s design aimed to project a sense of authority and power, symbolizing Malta’s newfound independence. Its rigid and robust appearance reflects the aspirations and optimism of a young nation breaking free from its colonial past.’


Malta reaches 20 gold medals in GSSE

gold gsse
Jun 2 2023 Share

Excuse the pun, but Malta has made well with its golden opportunity of playing at home to rack up a total of 20 gold medals as of Thursday, 1st June in the Games of the Small States of Europe. 

Yesterday saw a total of 18 medals in total won, with 8 of them Gold, building up on the previously won 12 in the previous days. 

This time around it was Janet Richard who won gold in Athletics Women’s 400m and Claire Azzopardi yet again in the Athletics Women’s Triple Jump. Gina McNamara too won another Gold in Athletics Women’s 1500m.

Matthew Grech won the medal in Shooting Men’s Double Trap, followed by the Malta Squash Men’s Team and closed off by Camella Iacob and Renata Strbikova in the Table Tennis Women’s Doubles. 

Swimming too saw two gold awarded, with Kyle Micallef winning it in the Swimming Men’s 50m Freestyle and Georgia Kate Bohl in the Swimming Women’s 100m Breaststroke. 

Here are the other awards for the day: 


  • Athletics Men’s Long Jump – Jeremy Zammit
  • Athletics Men’s 400m – Graham Pellegrini
  • Athletics Women’s Triple Jump – Rebecca Sare’
  • Athletics Women’s 1500m – Mireya Bugeja 
  • Shooting Men’s Double Trap – William Chetcuti
  • Table Tennis Men’s Doubles – Dimitrij Prokopcov/Felix Wetzel


  • Athletics Men’s Long Jump – Ian Paul Grech 
  • Athletics Men’s 1500m – Jared Micallef 
  • Athletics Men’s 3000m Steeplechase – Luke Micallef 
  • Swimming Women’s 4 x 100m Medley Relay – Malta Team


Dale’s Future on Love Island Hangs in the Balance: What Lies Ahead

Dale's Future on Love Island Hangs in the Balance: What Lies Ahead
Jun 1 2023 Share

After Nicola’s shocking decision to choose Andriy over Dale, speculation arises regarding Dale’s future at the Love Island villa. Here are some possibilities:

  1. The girls have previously expressed that they only spared Dale from elimination because they wanted Nicola to be happy. Now that he is no longer with Nicola, if the girls face a similar situation, there would be no reason for them to hesitate in choosing to eliminate Dale.
  2. Another scenario could involve the producers allowing the public to determine the fate of the islanders. Based on recent polls and public opinion, Dale currently appears to be the least favored islander, making him highly susceptible to elimination through public voting.
  3. It has been some time since new bombshells entered the villa. If this happens in the near future, Dale might have an opportunity to form a couple with one of the new arrivals, as he has previously expressed interest in exploring connections with bombshells, even while he was with Nicola.
  4. Winning back Nicola remains a possibility, although it may seem like a plot from an “Mission Impossible” movie. Dale has made it clear that he is willing to fight for her, and Nicola still holds feelings for Dale, evident from her choice to sleep with Dale’s sweater despite selecting Andriy. She may want to see Dale make an effort to win her back.

The fate of Dale is uncertain, and it remains to be seen which direction his journey on Love Island will take.


Nicola’s Father Appeals for Kindness Towards Dale

Nicola's Father Appeals for Kindness Towards Dale
Jun 1 2023 Share

Nicola’s father, Richard Warr, has made a public appeal for kindness towards Dale, as tonight’s recoupling on Love Island Malta approaches. The couple’s relationship has taken a downward turn, and Nicola appears to have developed an interest in Andriy, who joined the villa as a bombshell in the first week of the show.

Nicola's father, Richard Warr, has made a public appeal for kindness towards Dale, as tonight's recoupling on Love Island Malta approaches.

Fans of Love Island Malta are eagerly anticipating tonight’s recoupling, as Nicola’s decision regarding her partner is still unknown. Many supporters are rooting for Andriy to be chosen.

Unfortunately, all the islanders have been subjected to hateful comments and insults, with Dale being the primary target. In response to this, Richard Warr took to social media, posting in one of the Love Island Facebook community groups. He acknowledged that the public has the right to express their opinions but urged for a more mature approach that avoids causing harm to others.

As the drama unfolds and tensions rise in the Love Island villa, Richard Warr’s plea for kindness serves as a reminder that criticism and opinions can be expressed in a respectful manner. The audience will have to wait and see how tonight’s recoupling unfolds and whether Nicola’s choice aligns with the expectations of the fans.


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