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After a tragic suicide, DaBaby pays touching tribute to his older brother

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After he allegedly taking his own life, DaBaby posted a touching tribute to his brother. Glenn posted a video of himself carrying a gun and weeping in his car before his death as he talked of how he had been wronged in the past. 

DaBaby, 28, did not comment on the cause of his brother’s death, but on his Instagram account today, he mentioned him twice. The words he wrote seemed to reference the hardships of his brother.

“My brother be thinkin’ that we don’t love him and let him struggle like we ain’t family. “Like I won’t give up all I got to see you happy.”

RIP Glen Johnson 


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UK coronavirus vaccine “to be given next month to over 85s and front line NHS staff”

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Two vaccines are currently being prepared, with one requiring two shots and having to be held at minus 70 degrees. 

According to Pulse Today, there will be teams providing it to care homes alongside GPs. Last month, Pulse announced that the NHS was looking to begin the December rollout of the vaccine, with sources close to the issue putting the chances at ’50/50′.


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Amazon Christmas 2020 advert is out!

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Amazon has launched its Christmas 2020 commercial, which follows the story of a teenage ballet dancer whose dreams of dancing in a lead role are ruined by the coronavirus pandemic. 

The ad was praised on social media, and many thanked Amazon for highlighting the struggle and hardships the arts sector had to face during the pandemic.



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University of Malta graduations have been postponed

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The university said that with existing health regulations, 3,500 students graduating would not be the ideal option to host the ceremonies. 

A statement read: “It will mean excluding family members and friends from attending.” “Many student societies have expressed a preference for graduation ceremonies to be held later when they can be organized with the same finality as in previous years”


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