Adrian Delia highlights poor state of St Luke’s Hospital

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Adrian Delia highlights poor state of St Luke’s Hospital

Following his victory over the Vitals-Steward Healthcare court case, PN MP Adrian Delia took to social media to highlight the poor state of St Luke’s Hospital. 

Delia posted images of hospital wards ‘B1, B4 and others. 6 days have passed. Who is the police commissioner investigating?’ 

He went on to ask who the Prime Minister is searching to ensure that the €300 million is returned to the people. ‘We are waiting and won’t stop putting pressure’ wrote Delia. 

This follows exclusive footage uploaded by NET News which showed the current state of St Luke’s. The corridors and rooms of the hospital were shown to be full of junk, such as mattresses and furniture. 


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Progress for UK building for Maltese cancer patients

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Non-governmental organisation Puttinu Cares took to social media to report that the building which will house Maltese patients battling cancer is undergoing massive progress. 

‘The love you show our brothers and sisters in need never dies’ wrote the NGO. ‘Today we came to London and are following the progress of the building which was bought so that the Maltese and Gozitan people can use it when in need.’ 

‘After a search of 7 years, we managed to find this property just 10 minutes away from the central hospitals in London. Without census so that it remains Maltese property forever!’

Puttinu Cares explained how money raised from the people’ donations were invested responsibly and now work is progressing wonderfully. An application for another level was also inputted to accommodate more patients. 

The NGO will be raising even more funds on Good Friday so that ‘Home Away From Home’ becomes a reality for many people still struggling. The Good Friday Marathon will take place on the 7th of April 2023. 


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Study suggests short people are more likely to be psychopaths

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Study suggests short people are more likely to be psychopaths


According to new research, people who are short and unhappy with their height are more likely to ‘become psychopaths’. 

A study into the Napoleon Complex, also known as Small Man Syndrome, found that short individuals are more likely to exhibit the ‘Dark Triad’ personality traits. 

The research was published in the Personality and Individual Differences journal and reportedly found that short people who envy those taller than them are more likely to show antagonistic behaviours to offset height disadvantages. 

The dark triad are psychopathy, narcissism and Machiavellianism, which are associated with a lack of remorse, inflated senses of self-importance and manipulative tendencies. 

Researchers recruited 367 people from the USA using Amazon’s crowdsourcing website ‘Mechanical Trunk’ and asked participants to complete the Dirty Dozen Dark Triad questionnaire. 

The questionnaire observed the participants rank how strongly they agreed with statements like ‘I tend to manipulate’ or ‘I tend to be callous or insensitive’. Researchers then asked participants to record their actual height and how much they agreed with statements like ‘I wish I were taller.’ 

The study found a correlation between people who were unsatisfied with their height and the three Dark Triad traits. As per reasons behind this, the study found that people who cannot exhibit physical formidability would do so psychologically. 



Minimum driving age could drop to 17 due to EU law

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Minimum driving age could drop to 17 due to EU law

Under a newly proposed law aimed at further cracking down on traffic law infringements across the entirety of the EU, the minimum driving age could be dropped to 17. 

How would this work? Any 17-year-old who passes their driving test would be allowed to start driving but only in the presence of an adult who is also licensed to drive. 

The main purpose of the law is to further crack down on traffic violations and introduce a digital driving license that would be valid across all the bloc. The EU commission is also proposing making all new drivers subject to a 2 year probation period. 

This would be a zero-tolerance approach to drink driving as it would give law enforcement access to national driving license registers. This would help the commission identify offenders and ensure they pay fines. 

With the European Commission saying that more than 20,000 people were killed in 2022 in traffic incidents on the EU’s roads, Maltese shadow minister Adrian Delia called for the age to be raised to 21 locally. 

Under the new EU law, an individual would be disqualified from driving across the EU if they are disqualified in one country. This would be a world first as all member states would recognise it. 

What do you make of this?


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