ADPD Leader & Cassola On Public Transport Use

ADPD Leader & Cassola On Public Transport Use
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A group of EU candidates were asked when they used public transport last, and ADPD leader Sandra Gauci responded by holding up her Tallinja card and saying ‘right before this.’

She went on to explain that she practices what she preaches and does not drive.

She explained that she knows the benefits and defects of using public transport ‘inside out’.


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‘I believe if you are of example, people follow. If you have a government which promotes car use and fills streets with gas stations, the message is one: use your car.’

She said that when asked about how she manages to be on time by using public transport, she said all it takes is a little planning.

She was not the only one however, as independent candidate Arnold Cassola held up his pensioner Tallinja card and said that he came to the debate with the bus as well.


Peter Agius ‘Welcome To My Crib’ Video On Office/Home Controversy

Peter Agius 'Welcome To My Crib' Video On Office/Home Controversy
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Nationalist Party European Parliament candidate Peter Agius responded to allegations made by Labour Party’s President Ramona Attard with a ‘welcome to my crib’ type video as he shared footage of his office/home.

In a video, Attard had highlighted how Agius had switched his residency from Ħ’Attard to Mosta. There, the Labour president claimed, they found a bare building that couldn’t possibly house anyone.

This was highlighted as an issue by the PL because it reportedly reflected the ‘hypocrisy’ of the PN after it allegedly took vulnerable persons to court as they awaited accommodation as this would ‘determine the political future of said localities’.

In response, Agius showcased the building he claimed to be working from and living in, showing his office, the working WiFi, a working bathroom, kitchenette and a green corner.

Calling this a humble building, he went on to say that the biggest issue ahead of the election should not be where Peter Agius is sleeping.

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Food inflation down by half since January

Food Inflation in Malta Reduced by Half Since January
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Stabbiltà renders tangible results providing stability to families

In January inflation was about 10%, thus families were paying 10% more for their food products compared to previous months. This was excessive when compared to the European Union’s average of 4.8%. The Government decided to intervene and sign an agreement with importers and retailers to reduce the recommended retail price of 450 products, in 15 categories of foods in order to give stability to families so they can have peace of mind that the prices of their basic needs will remain stable.

The products varied from coffee to cereal and milk together with a selection of other products of different brands as well. In 4 months, the inflation rate has substantially decreased by more than half, currently slightly less than 5% giving stability to families. This has also led to a decrease in prices, especially seen in smaller retailers in our communities making certain products more accessible to consumers.

In addition to the 450 products, one could also observe a decrease in prices of other products trying to compete with those forming part of this initiative. Thus, this has led to a more competitive market in which families can access more advantageous prices whilst they have peace of mind that food will remain accessible to them.

This initiative has given stability and as a consequence curbed inflation in the long run, whereby it is foreseen that inflation will continue to diminish in the coming months. Stabbiltà is confirmed to continue until the next budget in October.

Please visit https://stabbilta.gov.mt/product/ for more information about Stabbiltà including the products it includes and shops from where you can buy them.


Love Island Malta S1 Sabrina Welcomes Baby Girl

Love Island Malta S1 Sabrina Welcomes Baby Girl
Jun 4 2024 Share

Love Island Malta season 1 contestant Sabrina has officially welcomed a baby girl into the world with her partner.

Sabrina shared an Instagram story of a card with the words ‘she’s here’ and a bouquet of flowers and balloons. ‘Welcome to the world little one’, she wrote on the story.

Sabrina had left the villa willingly during the earlier episodes of the first season. Some time later she revealed that she was in a relationship and was awaiting a baby with her new partner.

She went on to record her pregnancy journey on her social media whilst still keeping her fitness goals in line.

On behalf of MaltaDaily, we’d like to wish you both all the best for the introduction of the new family member!