Addams Family to get live-action TV reboot from Tim Burton

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The Addams Family is reportedly coming back to TV as director Tim Burton is currently in talks with the creators. 

Burton will be working alongside the developers of TV series ‘Smallville’ as they attempt to revive the classic TV family. 

Allegedly, a bidding war between various platforms, including Netflix, is currently in place but no details regarding its release or cast have been revealed.


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Government to invest €58,000 in nature reserves with BirdLife Malta

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The government has announced a €58,000 into BirdLife Malta’s work on two Natura 2000 sites.

The investment was made public by Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning, Aaron Farrugia. The sites concerned are bird sanctuaries in Għadira and the limits of St. Paul’s Bay with have high ecological importance.

The investment will go into the development of a laboratory in Simar, new products, tree-planting mechanisms, security systems and more.

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Customs dog sniffs out €43,000 in undeclared cash

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Early this morning, customs dog Sophie sniffed out €43,800 in undeclared cash from 2 Italy-bound passengers. 

The cash was found in two separate vehicles with a French man hiding €21,850 in his and a French woman hiding €21,950. 

The Customs’ Canine Unit has intercepted a total of €556,182 in undeclared cash since the beginning of 2020.

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Apple and Netflix tried to buy the new James Bond film

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With the film industry being one of the many sectors affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, many film debuts were pushed back or opted for streaming releases. 

The latest James Bond film was no exception as reports have emerged that both Apple and Netflix tried to buy the latest Bond film for their respective streaming platforms. Both attempts were unsuccessful following reports of a $600 million price tag.

A spokesperson for the film reported that the film was ‘not for sale’ and they will not fuel any further rumours. 

James Bond’s No Time To Die is currently scheduled for a cinema release in April 2021.

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