Accidentally received thousands in cash instead of the sausage McMuffin

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Would you return it?

McDonald’s in Indiana accidentally gave customer Josiah Vargas a bag of cash instead of what he hd ordered.

Vargas, posted about this on TikTok an quickly went viral, reaching over 2.3M views.

Vargas is seen in the video pulling small plastic bags of cash out of the McDonald’s bag and wondering what he should do with the bag of money before eventually deciding to return to McDonald’s.


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New Ethiopian school commemorates late beloved Maltese figures

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Ethiopian junior secondary school named after Rebecca Żammit Lupi

The lives of three late beloved Maltese figures were commemorated in permanent fashion through the building and inauguration of a Junior Secondary School in Ethiopia. 

A six year long project which was kicked off by the Sigma Foundation, it secured educational resources and food for Ethiopian children in Jimma Bonga. 

With previous Camino expeditions raising upwards of €300,000 in funds, the school dedicated designated areas after these remarkable figures who inspired many, both locally and now abroad. 

A placard was placed on the outside of the school to commemorate Rebecca (Becs) as the inauguration saw various contributors to the project coming together to celebrate the memory of the late Maltese. 

Two other areas, the kindergarten and the playground were named in memory of Maltese Jonathan Chetcuti and Karl Pace. 


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Metsola motivates Maltese female students to get involved as leaders

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Metsola motivates Maltese female students to get involved as leaders

Roberta Metsola visited St Joseph School in Blata il-Bajda last weekend to meet some of the female students and instil some motivation in the budding talent and future of the country. 

“My advice to you as young women is to get involved – in politics, in your communities, in doing what you can” Metsola told them.  

“A life in politics is not always easy, you need a thick skin, a sense of justice, a drive to make things better.”

“Women in particular still face double standards and higher ceilings – your words and your intentions will be dissected, even twisted sometimes, but the upside of politics, the positive change in people’s lives that you can impact, makes it all worth it. Politics remains a noble cause and one where we need to see more young women involved. It is worth it.”

Metsola became the first female European Parliament President ever since 2002 as well as the highest ranking Maltese politician. Her achievements during her tenure speak for themselves, but she still took the opportunity to encourage the future leaders of the world. 


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Post goes viral highlighting abuse on women in Malta

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Post goes viral highlighting abuse on women in Malta

A post uploaded to social media by Kurt Montanaro highlights the somber situation women are facing in Malta as they try to go by their day. 

Inspired by the recent killings of the likes of Pelin Kaya, Paulina Dembska, Sion Grech and Bernice Cassar, the post outlines the horrific events which transpired in Malta as they took the lives of women. 

‘Dear Maltese woman: Study and work hard so that you can find a good job or open your business. Live a good life and take care of yourself.’

‘When you walk on the road, be careful of getting run over by someone released on bail and filled with drugs simply because you ignored him when he cat-called you.’

‘When you’re out feeding cats, beware of someone trying to murder and rape you. For that action, he will not imprisoned.’

The post outlined other horrific atrocities which took place, for which many culprits, all men, did not face proper justice or were already in hot water with the law. 

‘Know that we will love and pray for you after it is all too late. Keep believing in your country, for the greatest era is yet to come!’ 


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