Abortion law good step; should go further says green party ADPD

Abortion law good step; should go further says green party ADPD
Nov 27 2022 Share

Political party ADPD has come out in support of the proposed changes to amend the abortion laws in Malta, but says that the law should include other cases wherein the practice should be decriminalised. 

The amendments tabled in parliament by Health Minister Chris Fearne and Justice Minister Jonathan Attard would allow abortion in cases where the mother’s life or health are endangered. 

The amendment clarifies that neither doctors nor the woman herself would be criminally liable if abortions take place in such cases. Welcoming this move, ADPD said that the law needs to consider other cases for abortion as well.

These include circumstances of rape, incest or even scenarios wherein pregnancies are not viable. ADPD chairman Carmel Cacopardo said that it would have been better if this was discussed in the electoral manifesto.

‘The first step has been taken. Even if it is a small step, the debate around abortion has been opened and it is not likely that it will close quickly’ he explained on his blog. 

This change to the blanket abortion ban follows the Andrea Prudente case, which saw an American woman in Malta being refused an abortion despite having an unviable pregnancy. With the case attracting worldwide attention, it reinvigorated the debate on the island once more. 


France narrowly beat Denmark to qualify for knockout stage

Nov 26 2022 Share

France have narrowly beaten fellow European country Denmark with a score of 2-1. This result also means that the current holders have become the first team to qualify for the knockout stages and the first holders to get out of their group since Brazil in 2006.

The first half did not include many goal scoring opportunities for both sides however it was a half where Denmark’s and France’s defensive qualities where showcased.

France relied mostly on their technical players such as Ousmane Dembélé , Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappé to create chances whilst Denmark opted for a more counter attacking approach.

The opening goal of the game finally came in the 60th minute due to a beautiful combination of play between marauding left back Theo Hernandez and goal scorer Kylian Mbappé who slotted the ball in the back of the net.

The underdogs Denmark only needed seven minutes to find an equalizer as Barcelona center back Andreas Christensen managed to score a towering header from a corner. In the 85th minute Kylian Mbappé managed to score his second of the game from a curving Griezmann cross.

In order to qualify Denmark will now have to beat Australia, a loss or even a draw would send them home whilst France have a meaningless match versus Tunisia to look forward to.


Valletta protestors demand accountability for femicide & systemic failures in Malta

Nov 26 2022 Share

On Friday, multiple activists and groups gathered in Valletta calling for accountability and responsibility in light of Malta’s femicide situation after 40-year-old Bernice Cassar was murdered by her estranged husband in Paola.

“Why, Maltese state, have you let another woman die? Why, Maltese courts, have you let another women die? Why, police corps, have you left another woman. Another friend. Another sister. Another daughter. Another mother, die? It could have been your mother, sister, daughter or friend. It could have been you.”

These were the words of Moviment Graffitti’s Angele Deguara, as she joined fellow activists and protestors in the streets of Malta’s Capital City to call for an immediate address and resolution to the situation in Malta.

Activists donned multiple signs and placards including ‘Għejjejna u Xbajna’ (We’re tired and fed up), ‘Min se jwieġeb għal dawn il-femiċidji?’ (Who will answer for these femicides?), ‘We have failed Bernice’, and ‘Police, blood on your hands’ amongst others.

A statement published by the local NGO stated that Moviment Graffitti will keep on asking, working and struggling to change the situation as soon as possible.


Valletta lit up for festive season as part of ‘Christmas in the Capital’

Valletta lit up for festive season as part of 'Christmas in the Capital'
Nov 26 2022 Share

The streets of Malta’s capital city of Valletta have been illuminated with decorative Christmas lights as part of the seasonal campaign ‘Christmas in the Capital’.

Organised by the Valletta Cultural Agency, a number of events will be held each week in the build-up to Christmas and the New Year, featuring a number of local acts including singers, dancers, children’s choirs and more.

The first event was set to feature local band SterjoTipi at Great Siege Square, but has been tentatively postponed 1st December due to the current weather conditions.

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