ABBA Leader Ivan Grech Mintoff Throws Eggs During MEP Debate at University

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During today’s MEP election debate held at the University of Malta’s Sir Temi Zammit Hall, ABBA Leader Ivan Grech Mintoff echoed a stunt held in late March, pelting an egg to the ground at the end of his speech.


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Grech Mintoff first turned heads with such a move when he threw eggs at the Prime Minister’s feet during his Freedom Day speech, making some major waves on social media.

As he exited his post on the Sir Temi Zammit Hall stage, Grech Mintoff told the few students in attendance: “fight for your rights and don’t let anyone fool you” as he left the stage to an applause and a smile on his face.

The election debate was organised by Lovin Malta and Malta Today in collaboration with KSU.


Robert Abela Addresses “Coincidental Timing” of Vitals Inquiry Publication

Robert Abela Addresses "Coincidental" Timing of Vitals Inquiry Publication
May 2 2024 Share

During the launch of the Labour Party’s European Parliament election campaign, Prime Minister Robert Abela addressed the timing of the release of the Vitals magisterial inquiry. The inquiry’s publication coincided with the campaign’s launch, prompting Abela to question whether this was a deliberate move.

Abela pointed out that the inquiry had been requested four years ago by Repubblika, yet it was released now, ahead of the European elections. The Prime Minister argued that the timing raises concerns and suggested that the public consider whether the delay was intentional. He also emphasised that the public is now awaiting the Attorney General’s release of the inquiry’s details and subsequent actions.

Abela’s statements came during a speech where he presented the Labour Party’s nine candidates for the European Parliament elections. He emphasised that those elected under the Labour Party banner would work in the nation’s best interest, highlighting the efforts of Labour Party representatives on a European level. These efforts, Abela argued, span various sectors and aim to enhance Malta’s competency within the European Union.

What do you make of this?


iPhone Alarm Glitch: Apple Fix on the Way

iPhone Alarm Glitch: Apple Fix on the Way
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Apple is working quickly to fix a glitch that caused some iPhone alarms not to sound, giving users an unexpected lie-in. For many, the phone serves as a vital alarm clock, and some frustrated late risers took to social media to complain.

One TikTok user mentioned setting “like five alarms,” which all failed to go off. Apple has acknowledged the issue, but hasn’t provided details on the cause or immediate solutions. It’s also unclear how many users are affected or if the issue is limited to specific iPhone models.

In the meantime, users can try to avoid oversleeping by double-checking alarm settings and ensuring the phone’s volume is turned up. Some suggest the problem might be linked to Apple’s “attention aware features,” available on iPhone X or later models, and certain iPad Pro devices. These features allow the phone to detect if someone is looking at it, potentially lowering alert volumes, including alarms.

To prevent alarms from being silenced, users can disable attention aware features or rely on a classic alarm clock until Apple resolves the issue. Apple has assured users it is working on a fix, but for now, users might need to look into alternatives to ensure they wake up on time.


Dom Mintoff’s Daughter Joins Moviment Graffitti in Workers’ Day Protest

Dom Mintoff's Daughter Joins Moviment Graffitti in Workers' Day Protest
May 2 2024 Share

On Workers’ Day, social justice organisation Moviment Graffitti held a protest in Castille Square, rallying under the Manwel Dimech monument. Yana Mintoff Bland, daughter of former Prime Minister Dom Mintoff, joined the protest on workers’ rights and launch of the campaign ‘Ġustizzja mal-Ħaddiema’ (Justice with Workers).

Moviment Graffitti argued that the interests of everyday workers have been neglected in favour of alleged ‘economic growth’ and business concerns. The protest highlighted key issues faced by the working class, such as low wages, poor working conditions, and disruptive job environments. The organisation stressed the importance of justice and fairness in the workplace, calling for comprehensive reforms to protect workers and ensure a more equitable society.

Among the demands put forward by Moviment Graffitti were pay revisions, improved working conditions, updates to outdated laws, and the establishment of a public entity dedicated to investigating reports of worker abuse. They also advocated for the removal of administrative measures that place immigrant workers in vulnerable positions, aiming to address the myriad challenges faced by workers in today’s job market.

The protest reflects a growing call for worker-centred reforms and the need for policies that prioritise the welfare of all workers, contributing to a fairer and more just society.