A week of weird weather patterns ahead for Malta

 - Local - Oct 12
A week of weird weather patterns ahead for Malta

This week will see all sorts of weather patterns hitting the Maltese islands. Following a weekend ending with thunderous clouds covering the islands, the showers and thunder are set to return tomorrow Wednesday and Thursday. It will however make way for a windy Friday and a beautiful Saturday as the 16th of October is set to be mainly sunny. 

Sunday will kick off another week of partly cloudy weather as we head into next week. You’ll have to be able to make some quick fashion changes this week – you’ll be shifting from boots and umbrellas to a simple T-shirt fit. 

It might feel slightly chilly, as temperatures are set to feel like a minimum of 21 degrees Celsius on Thursday and a maximum of 24 degrees Celsius on Saturday. We’ll just let the weather do its thing and be thankful it isn’t either scorching heat waves or terrifying storms… for now. 


Photo Source: Malta International Airport

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