A week of thunder and rain ahead for Malta

 - Local - Oct 25
A week of thunder and rain ahead for Malta

Prepare for some rumbling skies and rainfall as this week starting Monday 25th October is kicking off a week of thunder, showers and strong winds. Mid-week (that is Wednesday and Thursday), is set to be the pinnacle of this weather pattern, as thundery showers are set to dominate with temperatures at 20 to 21 degrees Celsius. We’ll be getting a taster today, with tomorrow Tuesday only set to continue the showers but put an end to the thunder.

Thankfully, you might not have to cancel your weekend plans after all as from Friday to Sunday, no showers expected. The weather will still be partly cloudy though, so you might want to play it safe either way. Suffice to say, we’ve entered the weekend weather gamble as more complex weather patterns make their way over the Mediterranean. It’s refreshing to get such weather after the summer heat waves however, despite having our weekend antics up in the air. Or maybe you’re up for some spontaneity and this is perfect for you!


Photo Source: Malta International Airport

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