A Tale of Two Parties: Examining Reactions to Recent Surveys

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Surveys, often regarded as barometers of public sentiment, can significantly impact political parties and their supporters. Recently, two Sunday newspapers in Malta (Malta Today and Times of Malta) published surveys gauging public opinion on the political landscape. We reached out to two Members of Parliament, Amanda Spiteri Grech from the Labour Party (PL), and Mark Anthony Sammut from the Nationalist Party (PN), to get their reactions to the survey results and to understand how they perceive their parties’ performance.


MP Amanda Spiteri Grech – Labour Party

When asked about her reaction to the surveys, Spiteri Grech responded with optimism and a strong focus on the future. She acknowledged the transient nature of survey results, emphasising that the ultimate judgment of a party’s performance comes on Election Day. She urged her party to continue working hard, inspiring people, and implementing necessary reforms. Her confidence in the Labour Party’s ability to effect positive change was evident as she highlighted the government’s track record of bringing about significant reforms and advancing social justice.

When questioned about the PN’s lack of significant growth despite the PL’s slight reduction in popularity, Spiteri Grech remained steadfast in her belief that the Labour Party’s work speaks for itself. She reiterated the importance of staying true to their core principles, and she attributed the PL’s success to their genuine beliefs and commitment to the welfare of the people. For Spiteri Grech, the Labour Party’s ability to bring about impactful changes in people’s lives and support families during challenging times differentiates them from their opponents.


MP Mark Anthony Sammut – Nationalist Party

Contrasting with Spiteri Grech’s optimism, Mark Anthony Sammut’s response centered on criticising the current government’s performance. He emphasised that the surveys demonstrate people’s growing realisation that the government has failed to improve their lives, and he pointed out economic and policy shortcomings that have negatively impacted citizens’ quality of life.

Sammut highlighted the Prime Minister’s decisions and certain incidents that have eroded public trust in the government. He expressed the belief that the mask of the current government has finally fallen, paving the way for the Nationalist Party to offer a viable alternative. Sammut acknowledged that the PN has work to do in convincing people that it can effectively lead and bring about positive change.

Regarding the PN’s limited growth despite the government’s decrease in popularity, Sammut attributed it to the longstanding perception that the PN was unlikely to win elections. However, with the possibility of the PN being a competitive force, he expressed hope that people will now pay more attention to the party’s proposals and vision for the future. Sammut sees this as a crucial opportunity to convince the public that the PN can offer a better quality of life and chart a different course for the country.

From the responses of Amanda Spiteri Grech and Mark Anthony Sammut, two distinct perspectives emerged. Spiteri Grech’s focus remained firmly on the Labour Party’s achievements and ongoing commitment to social justice and reforms. She exuded confidence in the party’s ability to inspire and connect with the people. On the other hand, Sammut’s response was characterised by criticism of the government’s performance and the PN’s ambition to present a credible alternative.


Examining and comparing their reactions:

Both MPs recognised the significance of the survey results, but their reactions highlighted the differing approaches of their respective parties. While the Labour Party stressed its track record and determination to continue working for the betterment of citizens’ lives, the Nationalist Party appeared more focused on leveraging the perceived shortcomings of the current government to present itself as a viable choice.

As the political landscape evolves, these contrasting reactions will undoubtedly play a role in shaping public perceptions and potentially influencing electoral outcomes. Ultimately, it will be the voters who determine which party’s approach resonates more closely with their hopes and aspirations for the future of Malta.



Mum Praised For Encouraging Son’s Merman Dream

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Mum Praised For Encouraging Son's Merman Dream

Local mum influencer Danita Camilleri, known by her handle as ‘One Chick and a Yorkie’, was massively praised on social media for encouraging her son to be who he wants to be.

As summer rolled along, Lenny wanted to be a handsome merman whilst at the pool. Donning the costume of merfolk’s lower half, Lenny was happy to be splashing around and enjoy transforming in the mystical creature. 

‘If the ocean is filled with fish and you want to be a merman’, wrote Danita, ‘be you. Be happy and proud with who you are!’ 

Earlier in July, Danita had shared another photo of her son with mermaid and merman dolls, encouraging parents to let kids play with and however they wanted. 

‘Teach them to be themselves and not what society expects them to be. Teach them to not mind what people say at a young age and well into their adulthood.’ 

‘Let them be happy and let them play with whoever they want as kids do not know!’. 


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BOSS, The New Flagship: Relocating To Mercury

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Prepare to be captivated by an exciting and transformative shopping experience as the world-renowned premium brand, BOSS, unveils its new store in the heart of the Mercury shopping district. 

Operated by VF Group, the BOSS store is moving from 2, Ross Street, St. Julian’s to a larger home, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to offering an unparalleled and memorable journey for all our esteemed guests.

As the curtains rise on this highly anticipated relocation, we invite fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters alike to discover the launch of its womenswear collection for the first time in Malta in the new BOSS store. 

A fusion of design and style, this exceptional retail space embodies the essence of the brand’s new visual identity, featuring a captivating color palette of black, white, and camel, creating a warm yet sophisticated atmosphere that complements the premium collections.

Customers may learn more about the collections and get outfit suggestions thanks to the seamless integration of digital touchpoints. Upon entering the store, there will be a spacious seating area and a service counter. Customers are invited to experience hospitality the BOSS way by relaxing, and enjoying a drink or coffee.

With a focus on quality and design, the BOSS brand curates 24/7 looks for both men and women, offering a range of clothing from business to smart casual, casual wear to athleisure, as well as an array of shoes, accessories, bodywear, and hosiery. 

Boasting an expansive 400 square meters of retail space over one floor, the new BOSS store located in the piazza within Mercury will be double the size of the original footprint, making it the ultimate fashion destination on the island.

VF Group, the visionary behind this transformative project, continues its storied journey in the world of premium and luxury retail. With the launch of the new BOSS store, VF Group takes another stride towards shaping a brighter and bolder future for the local apparel market.

As we prepare to unveil the new BOSS store, we invite everyone to join us in celebrating the spirit of individuality and self-expression. Embrace the power of fashion and embark on a journey to #BeYourOwnBOSS.




World Cup Winner Iker Casillas In Malta

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World Cup Winner Iker Casillas In Malta

Iker Casillas Fernandez, a Spanish former professional footballer, has uploaded a couple of images of him relaxing in a couple of sea/pool-side areas on the Maltese islands. 

The player was reportedly in Malta last week, enjoying some time exploring what the Mediterranean island has to offer. 


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The player’s skill was so renowned that he was nicknamed ‘San Iker’, for his ability to produce spectacular saves. 

Casillas spent the majority of his career at Real Madrid, and is one of the few players to achieve over 1000 professional career matches along with a clean sheet in the UEFA Champions League and Spanish national team. 


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