A rainy weekend to start off a thundery next week

 - Local - Oct 21
A rainy weekend to start off a thundery next week

As we approach the weekend, the weather has seemingly prepared some isolated showers starting tomorrow on Friday and going into Saturday 23rd October. We’ll be offered some temporary respite on Sunday, but the sky will still be mainly clouded as we head into a new week. 

Starting next week however, Monday is set to be a thunderous beginning, with the following days also set to continue a trend, albeit with just possible isolated showers. Temperatures have hit the 22 to 25 degrees Celsius, so the heat waves do seem to be behind us. 

But we’re now entering the other spectrum of weather patterns. It’s time to kick back and call in your buddies for a relaxed movie night or whatever happens to be your favourite indoor activity. If you’re venturing out, make sure you’re equipped with some boots, an umbrella and easy access to shelter. Make sure you’re safe but enjoy the cooling weather as autumn rolls on. 


Photo Source: Malta Islands Weather

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