A quarter of Malta’s COVID-19 cases from foreign students

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A quarter of Malta’s COVID-19 cases from foreign students

The health authorities have revealed that over 500 foreign students who came to Malta to study English tested positive for COVID-19. This means at least a quarter of the island’s active cases are young, mostly unvaccinated, students who travelled to the island. Times of Malta was informed by the health ministry about this following Malta’s placing on the EU’s travel red list. 

A spokesperson for the health ministry also told the newsroom that approximately 60% of the the daily cases are non-residents. The higher proportion of cases is situated in the under-19 age group. With language schools being forced to close last week to slow the rising spike in cases, hundreds of students are in Malta, with many in mandatory quarantine. Repatriation flights are also being planned, although it is unsure who will take charge in terms of paying the return. 


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Fresh and funky: eeetwell’s Summer Menu ticks all the right boxes

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Beloved local brand eeetwell has made quite a name for itself by providing fresh foods and seasonal menus while also leading a green agenda which strives towards a better planet, which is why it became one of Malta’s fastest growing brands.

Let us introduce you to one of our special summer dishes: the Tunacado Salad! It's got the coolest combination of…

Posted by eeetwell on Wednesday, 14 July 2021


Claiming to lead a clean-eating phenomenon which aims to build a healthy food movement, eeetwell’s summer menu is just that. Bringing together a mix of super seasonal ingredients into a thoughtfully crafted menu with local chefs and accredited dieticians, you really can’t miss out on a meal from eeetwell. What makes it even better is that apart from being good for your body and great for the planet, the sustainable summer menu supports local produce by sourcing the ingredients from local farmers and trusted partners.

The secret to a #healthier summer is here! 🥗 We're ready for this season with a #fresh selection of new #flavours that make every day taste like #summer ☀️

Posted by eeetwell on Sunday, 18 July 2021

Brighten up your day with a fresh Tunacado Salad or feast your eyes (and tastebuds!) on the vibrant Blueberry Harvest; rest assured that whatever you choose, satisfaction is guaranteed. Just don’t forget to wash it down with a ripe, freshly-squeezed Watermelon Squeeze or Peach Piña Colada.

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Plans to get Malta off grey-list in just 18 months

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Plans to get Malta off grey-list in just 18 months

Malta is planning to get off the grey-list within 18 months. Permanent secretary at the Finance Ministry Alfred Camilleri stated that Malta had a very ambitious plan to get off the Financial Action Task Force’s grey list. Stating that his team are working on an action plan which is almost in its ‘final draft’, Camilleri stated that he and his team are very well advanced. Also the chairman of the National Coordination Committee on Combatting Money Laundering, Camilleri’s team is responsible for getting Malta back on the white list. 

The news of the plan being in advanced stages was supported by Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit head Kenneth Farrugia. He pointed out how there had been jurisdictions that managed to get off the grey list in 18 months, giving hope for Malta to pull off a similar manoeuvre. The comments however contradict those of a leading global expert, who claimed earlier this month that it would take far longer for Malta to get off the list. 


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Over 2400 vaccines administered in mobile unit on Monday

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Over 2400 vaccines administered in mobile unit on Monday

Following the launch of the new COVID-19 vaccine mobile unit on Monday, it was reported that over 2400 people received their jab on the first day the service was being provided. With a spike in daily and active cases currently being registered, the alarming rate with which cases are shooting up could be attributed to the rush to get vaccinated. Malta thus has 81% of the population vaccinated, along with the highest per capita rate in the world. 

No appointments are necessary for the mobile unit, with the first one being set up yesterday at the Mosta Technopark between 9 am and noon. Health Minister Chris Fearne revealed that the exact number of people who received the jab was 2,461. The mobile unit will continue to administer vaccines next Wednesday in Zejtun and Friday near St Julians Police Station. It will also be set up on the 27th, 28th and 29th July in front of Parliament, Valletta. 


Photo Source: Chris Fearne FB, Department of Information (Malta)

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