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A New Wave of Doctors Join Malta’s Healthcare Service

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In a momentous event for Malta’s healthcare system, 132 aspiring doctors have taken their first steps into the world of medicine after successfully completing their studies. The nation welcomed these fresh faces to its healthcare sector, with the majority of them, a staggering 109 doctors, having graduated from the esteemed University of Malta. Joining their ranks are medical professionals who earned their degrees from various European universities. Their induction into the Malta Foundation Programme marks the inaugural phase of their medical careers.

The road ahead for these budding doctors is undeniably long and challenging, filled with rigorous training and countless hours of dedication. However, Minister Fearne conveyed a message of encouragement and optimism, emphasising the profound satisfaction that comes from witnessing patients recover and thrive under their care. It is this gratification, born out of their relentless commitment to the wellbeing of others, that will sustain them through the years of service ahead.

In his address to the newly inducted medical practitioners, Minister Fearne underscored the indispensable role played by healthcare professionals in Malta’s healthcare system. He referred to them as the backbone of the country’s outstanding healthcare services, a sentiment echoed by the entire nation. With the utmost confidence in their abilities, he encouraged them to strive for and uphold the highest standards of patient care.

The arrival of these 132 new doctors promises to further strengthen Malta’s healthcare sector, enhancing its capacity to provide world-class medical services to its citizens. Their arrival couldn’t have come at a more critical time, as the healthcare system continues to navigate challenges, both longstanding and emerging. Their fresh perspectives, unwavering commitment, and newfound knowledge will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and evolution of Malta’s healthcare landscape.


14,000 People Watched André Rieu’s First Performance in Malta

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Yesterday’s magnificent night of music with Dutch Maestro André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra. André Rieu’s first performance in Malta was attended by around 14,000 people at the Granaries in Floriana.

Amongst the pieces of music played, the Johann Strauss Orchestra delighted the thousands present with renditions of Nel blu dipinto di blu, Ballade pour Adeline, Voilà, Can’t Help Falling in Love with You and Oh Happy Day amongst others. The concert concluded with a memorable encore of the waltzes Blue Danube and Radetsky March, as well as a surprise for the audience: a rendition of the Maltese classic hit Xemx.

A second performance by Rieu and his orchestra takes place tonight. Rieu has amassed over 40 million album sales and established himself as a musical icon on a global scale. He is a favourite conductor among fans and has broad appeal that goes well beyond the genre.


Sicilian Teen Returns Lost Wallet with €5,000 to Owner in Malta

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In a world where acts of kindness and honesty sometimes seem to be in short supply, the story of Gabriele La Terra, an 18-year-old Sicilian from Catania, shines as a beacon of integrity. Last August 12, while on holiday in Malta with friends, La Terra stumbled upon a wallet containing approximately €5,000. Instead of keeping the substantial sum for himself, he embarked on a mission to return it to its rightful owner, demonstrating the incredible power of honesty and empathy.

The heartwarming incident took place in San Ġiljan, a popular tourist destination in Malta. La Terra discovered the wallet while waiting in line to enter an establishment in the bustling Paceville area. Upon realizing the magnitude of what he had found, he made an extraordinary decision—to ensure the wallet’s return to its owner.

La Terra’s journey to reunite the wallet with its owner took him to the San Ġiljan Police Station. There, he handed over the wallet, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to doing the right thing. Thanks to his act of honesty and the diligent efforts of the local police, they were able to contact the wallet’s owner, a young man with the same last name as La Terra, but who hails from Naples, Italy.

What makes this story even more heartening is that, not only did La Terra return the wallet, but he also had the opportunity to meet its owner in person. The two young men shared a moment, and as a symbol of their newfound connection, they even had a drink together. This unexpected encounter serves as a reminder that acts of kindness and honesty can forge meaningful bonds between individuals, transcending geographical boundaries and differences.

The inspiring tale of Gabriele La Terra’s integrity was brought to light by his mother in an interview with the Sicilian newspaper, La Sicilia. La Terra himself has been quoted as saying, “In life, honesty binds and binds.” His words encapsulate the profound impact of his actions, not only on the wallet’s owner but also on anyone who hears this remarkable story.


Air Malta Flight Returns to Base Twice Due to Technical Issues

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A routine Air Malta flight from Geneva to Malta took an unexpected turn on Saturday as the aircraft, operating flight KM483, had to return to base twice shortly after departure due to technical issues. Despite the unexpected disruption, the airline demonstrated a commitment to passenger safety and took prompt measures to address the situation.

In a brief statement, Air Malta reported that the technical problem with the aircraft was swiftly identified by the flight crew. Concerned with the safety of passengers and crew, the decision was made to return the aircraft safely to Geneva.

The airline’s dedication to the safety of its passengers and crew was evident in its response. An engineering team was immediately mobilised to resolve the technical issues and ensure the aircraft was in optimal condition before continuing the journey.

Recognising the inconvenience this incident caused to passengers, Air Malta displayed its commitment to customer service by providing affected travellers with overnight hotel accommodation. This gesture aimed to minimise  any further disruption to their travel plans and comfort.

In an apology to passengers for the unforeseen inconvenience, Air Malta expressed gratitude for their patience and understanding during this challenging situation. The airline’s swift response and prioritisation of safety underscore its commitment to ensuring a safe and reliable travel experience for all passengers.


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