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A new multi-sensory room inaugurated at Dar Arka in Gozo

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Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri together with the Minister for Inclusion, Julia Farrugia Portelli, today inaugurated a multi-sensory room project at Dar Arka, in Għajnsielem, Gozo.

This Arka Foundation project was was financed by the Ministry for Gozo with an investment of €45,000. This room is equipped with interactive devices, TV and lights that dim according to the need of the person using it. The multi-sensory room changes colours and also has relaxing music that helps people improve their physical abilities.

Minister Clint Camilleri explained that this room will be used primarily by people with autism where thanks to special equipment they will be able to learn new abilities. He stated that as a government committed to continue investing in such facilities in order to improve and facilitate the lives of people with disabilities.

Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli said that this government is continuing to invest in infrastructure in the community linked to inclusion. She added that this connects well with other government investments, such as the ‘SensAbility’ scheme where families can apply to have a sensory room in their own home.



Passenger at Malta Airport found carrying €63,875 in undeclared cash

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A Ghanaian passenger en-route to Treviso was found to be carrying €63,875 in undeclared cash at MIA.

Customs Officials were informed that a passenger was found to be carrying a substantial amount of cash in three packets when stopped by security personnel at the departures lounge. In all, the three packets contained €44,290.

Further inspection by Customs on the passenger and in his luggage revealed that he was carrying an additional €19,585.

The passenger was handed over to the police for further investigations from their side.


Next stop: Gozo! Carnival mayhem returns with one massive party weekender

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Next stop: Gozo! Carnival mayhem returns with one massive party weekender

Now that Christmas and New Year’s are behind us, partygoers’ sights turn to the next big national celebration and what a jam-packed weekend is in store: it’s carnival time!

The colourful country-wide celebrations return in full force in 2023 with a jam-packed weekender at Rabat’s Aurora, which will be converted into a mega club for two massive nights.

Malta’s leading events brand, G7 Events, will be taking over the iconic location on Friday, bringing the G7 Fridays vibe to Gozo carnival whilst Elevated & TL Events will host a ‘Heroes and Villains‘ themed night on Saturday.

With a line-up of Malta’s best local DJs including Debrii, Koroma, Miggy, D-Rey Cleaven, Kieren, Gabii, Nagem, Moore, Sar and more, your carnival weekend could not look better.

Get your block weekend ticket, covering both nights, and sort your carnival weekend ASAP!


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Supermarket opens ‘slow check out lane’ to battle loneliness

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Supermarket opens ‘slow check out lane’ to battle loneliness

It’s 2022 and everyone is moving at rapid speed in a world with ever-increasing responsibilities and demands. 

However, many have raised alarms that this lifestyle is leaving many people feeling tremendously lonely and disconnected from people. To combat this, Jumbo supermarkets, a chain in the Netherlands, decided to take on the challenge.

In 2019, the chain opened its first ‘Kletskassa’, or ‘chat check out’, in Vlijmen in Brabant. The idea was to offer customers the choice of a slow lane where chatting with the employee is encouraged should one not be in such a hurry. 

Jumbo received such positive feedback about their concept that in September 2021 they pledged to spread them nationwide, with the aim of opening 200 new ones. 

Chief commercial officer of Jumbo Colette Cloosterman-van Eerd said that many people, especially the elderly, sometimes feel lonely. Many employees jumped at the opportunity at working the chat stands, striking conversations with customers with all walks of life. 

‘It’s a small gesture, but very valuable, especially in a world that is digitising and accelerating.’ 


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