A National Record-Breaking Moment Of Pyrotechnics Display Caught On Camera

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A total of 11,230 lightning bolts that came out of 50 barrels in 5 seconds by Vampa Organisations, is a new National Record.

In a spectacular display of pyrotechnic prowess, Vampa Organisations etched their name into the annals of Maltese history by setting an awe-inspiring record during the feast of Santa Maria Assunta in Cittadella r-Rabat Gozo.

The remarkable feat of producing the largest number of lightning bolts in the shortest span of time, was announced by The Malta Records.

The record-breaking achievement was nothing short of a visual masterpiece, leaving both locals and tourists in absolute awe.

The team at Vampa meticulously planned and executed the pyrotechnic extravaganza, leaving no room for error. A testament to their dedication and expertise!


Nationalist MP Eve Borg Bonello Exposes Alarming Environmental Situation

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Nationalist Member of Parliament, Eve Borg Bonello, has taken to social media to re-shed light on the grave issues of waste, and rodent infestations plaguing parts of Malta.

Through a series of compelling photos and videos, Borg Bonello has sparked an outpouring of engagement.

Borg Bonello’s continued efforts to address these pressing concerns have ignited a firestorm of public discourse. Her posts, rich with candid observations and powerful visuals, offer an unfiltered glimpse into the alarming state of cleanliness and waste management in certain parts of the country.

Taking to social media, the PN MP called for an improvement in the situation, on the back of videos and photos she received from the general public after having spoken about the situation earlier last week.


Are You On Shutdown? This Is How The Weather Looks

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Grab your sunglasses, sunscreen, and a cold drink as we delve into the sizzling forecast for the upcoming days!

Prepare for a sun-soaked delight on Wednesday, as Malta is set to bask in the golden glow of a mainly sunny day. The temperature will be soaring, with a feel-like of a blistering 34 degrees Celsius. Highs will reach up to 32 degrees, while the night offers a bit of relief with a low of 22. The wind is expected to be gentle, at force 2-3, making it the perfect day to hit the beach.

Thursday continues the sun-drenched saga, as the mercury rises to a sweltering feel-like temperature of 34 degrees Celsius. The high is expected to hit 32, while the low remains warm at 23 degrees. Wind force steps up a notch to 3-4, so hold onto your hats as you enjoy the radiant rays. UV index hits a staggering 10, so make sure to take extra precautions to shield yourself from the powerful sun.

If you thought things were hot already, hold onto your sunhats because Friday is turning up the heat! The day promises to be both hot and sunny, with a scorching feel-like of 35 degrees Celsius. Highs will climb to a sizzling 33 degrees, while the low is a balmy 24. Wind force remains relatively calm at 2-3, allowing you to relish the sun’s embrace.

As the weekend approaches, Malta shows no signs of cooling down. Saturday keeps the hot and sunny trend going strong, with the feel-like temperature clinging to a toasty 35 degrees Celsius. Highs and lows stick to 33 and 24 degrees, respectively. Wind force continues its gentle dance at 2-3, while the UV index stays high at 9.

On Sunday, offering up a day that’s not for the faint of heart. The sun shines bright, delivering a scorching feel-like of 36 degrees Celsius. Highs climb to a blazing 34 degrees, while the low remains at a warm 24.


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Gżira Residents Rally Against Endless Roadworks Impacting Businesses and Streets

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Gżira Residents Rally Against Endless Roadworks Impacting Businesses and Streets

Amidst mounting frustration, the residents of Gżira voiced their discontent yesterday evening, flooding the streets in protest against the extensive roadworks that have cast a shadow over their town.

The uproar stems from the year-long ordeal of enduring persistent roadworks, particularly on Manoel de Vilhena street, which has now transformed into a dusty desert due to the seemingly unending construction. Gżira’s Mayor, Conrad Borg Manche, lamented the dire situation, highlighting how the residential area’s vital thoroughfare had been under renovation for a staggering year and three months, with no end in sight.

As a consequence, local businesses lining the street have borne the brunt of this prolonged disruption, witnessing a significant downturn in their operations.With their operations severely hampered by the ongoing disruption, these enterprises find themselves caught in the crossfire of a situation that shows no signs of abating.


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