A happy 36th birthday to local chef Sean Gravina!

A happy 36th birthday to local chef Sean Gravina!
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Here’s a big happy 36th birthday to local celebrity chef Sean Gravina. Owner of some of Malta’s most pristine restaurants and known for his passion for everything coming in and out of the kitchen, Sean has established himself in the local culinary scene as more than just a chef. 

Sean is also recognisable for his activist stance when it comes to speaking up about the local food and catering industry, making sure that it is moving in the best direction possible. 

But when he’s not in the kitchen serving up his delicious dishes, he is a family man – a father of two young boys with local singer and song writer Ira Losco. 

He’s also one of MaltaDaily’s best collaborators, having hosted some of our fan favourite cooking shows and segments.


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Happy birthday Sean and enjoy your day with your beloved family! 


1 of 4 Maltese residents were born in foreign country in 2021

1 of 4 Maltese residents were born in foreign country in 2021
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According to the Labour Force Survey which was carried out by the National Statistics Office in 2021, the majority of migrants in Malta (63.8%) were born outside of the European Union. 

Around 15% of migrants were born in Italy, followed by migrants born in the UK (14.6%) and the Philippines (10.5%). 21.3% others were born in other EU countries whereas 38.7% were born outside the EU. 

The statistics show that in 2021, one out of four people in Malta was born in foreign countries. 78.1% of migrants in Malta were aged between 25 and 54, whereas 7.2% were aged 15 to 24. 14.7% were aged between 55 and 74. 

Throughout the last 10 years, the number of migrants in Malta aged between 15 and 74 living in private residences increased significantly. A difference of 20.1% from 2012 was noted up until 2021. 

More than 50% of migrants in 2021 were recent migrants (meaning they had less than 8 years of residence). Meanwhile, 49.3% were established migrants (more than 8 years residency). 

The number of years varying in terms of residences varies according to levels oof education. The majority of people born abroad had a secondary level education (60%), whereas 50.3% and 57.5% had post-secondary to tertiary education levels respectively. 

Full statistics here.

ALS activist Bjorn Formosa turns 36 – awaits crucial operation

ALS activist Bjorn Formosa turns 36 - awaits crucial operation
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ALS Malta founder and activist working for the betterment of lives of the immunocompromised, Bjorn Formosa, has just turned 36 years old. 

Bjorn took to social media to announce his turning 36, despite receiving some somber news on his birthday.

He revealed that the operation which he was to undergo had to be postponed to 5 days later. ‘A mixture of emotions right now’ said Bjorn. He went on to say that he isn’t asking for anything for his birthday but urges people to donate to ALS Malta in order to continue raising funds for all those in need. 

Bjorn has been undergoing various hospital visitations following severely painful kidney stones. Due to his neurodegenerative disease of ALS, his undergoing of kidney stone related operations proved more complicated. 

On behalf of MaltaDaily, we wish Bjorn all the best for your birthday and for the upcoming operation! 


Minimum wage increase and other pre-budget proposals by UHM

Minimum wage increase and other pre-budget proposals by UHM
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The Union Ħaddiema Magħqudin (UHM) has just launched a set of proposals ahead of the 2023 Budget, with a focus on raising minimum wage and ensuring that fuel and energy prices don’t increase. 

Union chief executive Joseph Vella stated in a press conference that a long-term vision for Malta’s economy is needed. 

He compared Malta’s local wages, saying that they are too low when compared to the most developed EU countries. Pointing to youths finding new opportunities abroad, he said that they should become the centre of the new economic model. 

Amongst the proposals included:

Free-riders (people who enjoy collective bargaining without being members in a union) shouldn’t be allowed to do so. 

Income from all overtime should be taxed at 15%, and not the first €10,000 only as workers need more money in their hands. 

Government should guarantee that fuel and energy prices do not rise. Compensation should be given immediately when electricity, water or fuel prices increase and not wait for the 2023 COLA increase. 

Government should immediately stop its agreement with Steward Healthcare as this would save the country hundreds of millions annually. 

Minimum wage in Malta should increase to 50% of the gross average wage over a period of years. The current minimum wage does not meet the minimum requirements in the EU’s Adequate Minimum Wage Directive. 

Employment contract system should be fully digitised by January of 2027, employment contract which is not registered would be illegal, an increase in minimum sick leave days (10 to 15) and double pay should be given to everyone on Sundays. 

Full proposals can be seen here.