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9-year-old Kruiven running 6km in aid of ALS Malta

9-year-old Kruiven running 6km in aid of aid of ALS Malta
May 19 2023 Share

For the second consecutive year, 9-year-old Kruiven Farrugia will be overcoming a major challenge to help those in need. The young champion will be running 6 kilometres in aid of ALS Malta, with the challenging run ending at DAR Bjorn Żebbuġ.

In a recent Facebook post, ALS activist Bjorn Formosa praise the young boy, saying that he is a man of his word for not only deciding to run for another year but also aiming to break his own personal best.

Last year, Kruiven ran 5KM and collected €5.7k for charity, setting a massive example of charity and kindness in doing such a considerable feat.

The run will take place on Wednesday 7th June, taking place between Imdina and Zebbug, with Bjorn himself following and supporting the young man from a van.


FROM TODAY: Fines of up to €300 for drivers using mobile phones

FROM TODAY: Fines of up to €300 for drivers using mobile phones
May 19 2023 Share

As of today, Friday 19th May, new fines have come into place for those breaking roadside rules.

Drivers of small vehicles and motorcycles caught using their mobile phone or earphones whilst driving are eligible to fines of €200 whilst those driving large vehicles such as trucks and coaches, as well as taxis, will be dealt fines of €300.

With regards to points, anyone receiving such contraventions may have between 6 and 9 points reduced from their license.

For those driving past a red traffic lights, the fine will be increased to €200 whilst drivers speeding excessively, at 15km over the limit, are eligible to fines of up to €100.

Other increases include a jump to €50 per person for every additional passenger over the limit stipulated on the vehicle’s registration certificate, from the original €11.65.

Transport Malta’s land transport Chief Officer Pierre Montebello said that various studies have found that most incidents are occurring due to mobile use whilst driving, excessive speaking or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He explained that the new fines reflect the serious shortcomings being made by local drivers.

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Maltese woman tattoos Can Yaman’s signature after meeting Turkish series star

Woman tattoos Can Yaman's signature after meeting Turkish series star
May 19 2023 Share

A Maltese woman has cemented her love of Turkish actor Can Yaman forever after getting a tattoo of his signature on her shoulder.

Earlier this week, Silvana Bonello Trapani took to Facebook to share that not only did she get a tattoo of Yaman’s signature on the same place he signed, but the star actually re-shared the story and liked the picture.

For some reason, Turkish series have a large chunk of Malta’s population in a chokehold and Can Yaman is one of the scene’s biggest stars, which justifies the enormous local fandom.

The local woman is one of the thousands in Malta to follow the Turkish series and this is certainly not the first interaction that the local community has had over Yaman or any of his colleagues.

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Malta receives 7 Cannabis License Applications

May 19 2023 Share

Since February 28, seven associations have submitted applications to the Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis (ARUC) in Malta to obtain licenses for cannabis cultivation and distribution.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms, Rebecca Buttigieg, announced this development during a press briefing on Thursday. Additionally, 11 names have been reserved for associations, with several others in the process of preparing their applications.

Buttigieg emphasised that the regulatory framework of the ARUC has been revised based on feedback from applicants. These changes aim to create a more accommodating environment for prospective founders in the cannabis industry. Furthermore, Malta intends to lead in this sector and plans to meet with foreign countries interested in implementing a similar flexible regulatory framework for cannabis use.

Chairman of ARUC, Leonid McKay, highlighted the significance of human resources within the Authority. He mentioned that the Authority has assembled a capable team, with one member responsible for licensing cannabis associations and another overseeing compliance and enforcement matters. He said that regular collaboration with interested NGOs, banks, laboratories, and other authorities will ensure an efficient licensing process.

McKay further explained that the associations will employ various cultivation practices, encompassing both indoor and outdoor sites, and cultivating cannabis plants with different profiles. The associations are composed of 51 to 250 members, with the majority aiming for a membership of approximately 100 to 150 individuals.

One of the challenges identified through association feedback was the difficulty of securing properties during the application process. To address this concern, the application format has been modified to allow associations to adopt a modular approach, submitting certain documents progressively.

Transportation of cannabis products will be conducted by ADR-certified individuals, a certification currently issued by Transport Malta. However, McKay stated that the ARUC will now be responsible for issuing the necessary certification for the transportation of cannabis as no specific certification is currently available. Strict guidelines will be in place, including transportation during daylight hours, temperature-controlled vehicles with tracking and logs, sealed containers, and adherence to specified routes without any stops or delays.

Regarding testing, periodic examinations will be conducted to ensure product quality and prevent the mixing of illicit market products. The ARUC will absorb some testing costs whilst waste disposal methods have also been revised.

Certain cannabis regulations remain unchanged, including the requirement for administrators to have resided in Malta for the past five years and to have a good conduct record. Administrators can be democratically elected among association members. Membership within associations will be limited to local residents, promoting a community-based approach.

Associations will operate on a non-profit basis, overseeing the entire process from seed to distribution. Sites for cultivation and distribution must be at least 250 meters away from schools and youth centers. Regularly audited accounts and financial reports will be submitted, and no other activities besides cannabis cultivation and distribution will be permitted on the premises.

Moreover, the ARUC has stipulated that cannabis with a THC content exceeding 18% may not be sold to individuals aged 18 to 21. Associations requiring additional premises to reach their members will be allowed to do so if necessary.