84.3% Agree Foreigners In Malta Should Learn Maltese Language

84.3% Agree Foreigners In Malta Should Learn Maltese Language
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A majority of respondents in a new survey agree with the idea that foreigners living in Malta should learn the Maltese language. 

In a new survey by Vincent Marmara on the State of the Maltese language and commissioned by the ‘Ċentru tal-Ilsien Malti’ headed by Norma Saliba, it was found that, out of 600 interviewed persons, 84.3% should learn the Maltese language. 

Only 6% voted for no, whereas 9.8% said it does not matter. 

The older age groups were most likely to vote that, yes, foreigners in Malta should learn the Maltese language. 95.5% of those aged over 66 voted for yes, with the lowest amounts of ‘yes’ registered in the 26 to 35 age group. 

Meanwhile, more women voted for yes at 86.9%, whereas 81.5% men voted for yes. 12.1% of men said it does not make a difference, with 7.5% of women responding the same. 


‘Oldest’ Dog Bobi Stripped Off Guinness World Record Title

'Oldest' Dog Bobi Stripped Off Guinness World Record Title
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The saga of the now late Bobi continues after the dog had his name posthumously stripped of his title as the world’s oldest dog by the Guinness World Records. 

The records institution reported that there was no evidence that the still adorable late canine was old as claimed. 

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Bobi, who died last year, was a Rafiero do Alentejo from Conqueiros, Portugal, and was reported to have died on October 2023 at the age of 31 years and 165 days. 

The organisation claimed that the microchip was instrumental in showing that Bobi’s age was not sufficient proof to grant him the title, which was handed to him in February 2023. 

Doubts were raised about the age of Bobi, with the breed typically living up to 12 to 14 years – far off from the three decade time span allocated. 

Bobi’s owner Leonel Costa has not yet commented on the record removal but did previously claim that suspicions over the dog’s age were unfounded. 

The previous oldest dog ever was Australia’s Bluey, who lived to 29 years and five months and died in 1939. 


Long Term Migrants To Protest Uncertainty This Sunday

Long Term Migrants To Protest Uncertainty This Sunday
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A protest this Sunday by a number of activist groups will be calling for stability and an end to uncertainty for long-term migrants living and working in Malta. 

The demonstration comes as Kusi Dismark faces deportation after 13 years of living and setting up a business inMalta. 

The activists, which include Moviment Graffitti, Dance Beyond Borders, SOS Malta, aditus foundation and others, are calling for the release of Dismark and other individuals who, like Kusi, ‘have been living in Malta for over 5 years and more and have also been recently detained with a view to deportation. 

In a statement, the migrants outlined how they ‘worked for years, side-by-side with our Maltese colleagues, made friends, set up family and had children in Malta. We are part of Malta’s economic success, we have filled labour gaps, and we have contributed to a welfare system that we can never be beneficiaries of.’

‘Our children know no other country, no other society but the Maltese one. They are, in fact, though not in law, Maltese.’

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola too posted in favour of Kusi, saying that ‘deporting him now, just to make a political point, would be a failure of Malta’s laws, a failure of leadership and of our humanity’. 

The protesters will meet on Sunday 25th February at 15:00 at Ħamrun Square and will be walking to Valletta to present demands to parliament, inviting members of the migrant community, employers, friends and others who support the cause to join.


Malta Women’s Football Team Beat Faroe Islands 2-0

Malta Women's Football Team Beat Faroe Islands 2-0
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Malta’s women’s team began their VisitMalta Women’s Trophy campaign impressively by defeating the Faroe Islands at the Tony Bezzina Stadium. 

Alishia Sultana and Haley Bugeja secured a well-deserved victory with their goals, showcasing Malta’s dominance despite missing key players like captain Emma Lipman. 

Debutant Valentina Rapa contributed to Malta’s solid defensive performance. Throughout the game, Malta created numerous scoring opportunities, with Maria Farrugia and Brenda Borg coming close to scoring. 

The Faroe Islands had some chances but were thwarted by Janice Xuereb’s goalkeeping prowess.

 After the halftime break, Malta continued to dominate, with Bugeja assisting Sultana for the opener before adding another goal herself. Despite efforts from the Faroes to get back into the game, Malta maintained control. 

The match also saw the return of Jade Flask after a long injury layoff. Overall, Malta’s strong performance highlighted their potential in the tournament.


Photo Source: Andre Farrugia