73% of men would rather die than give up meat

 - Food - Aug 4
73% of men would rather die than give up meat

Are you willing to reduce your lifespan by up to 10 years in order to keep eating meat? Well, that is what almost three quarters of men claimed in a study of 1,000 people – revealing how committed to the carnivore diet most men are. The same research also highlighted how both men and women perceived meatier diets to be more masculine at 47%. Commissioned by ‘No Meat May’, a group which encourages people to give up meat for the month, the survey sampled individuals from Australia for the research. 

Group co-founder Ryan Alexander pointed out rather shockingly how most men were not convinced of the health benefits of meat free diets despite evidence to the contrary and that they would rather die earlier than give up that juicy steak or delicious hamburger. Even though significant research and evidence piled up shows how eating meat and even other animal products increase risks of cancers, heart diseases, obesity and other ailments, many men were either not aware of the facts, denied them or simply didn’t care. 


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