65,023 Permits Issued For Non-EU Workers In Last 5 Years

65,023 Permits Issued For Non-EU Workers In Last 5 Years
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In the five years between 2018 and 2022, the government issued 65,023 work permits for non-EU workers. 

Nationalist Party Deputy Graziella Galea posed the question to Minister for Home Affairs, Security, Reforms and Equality Byron Camilleri. 

Galea asked how many of these are still in Malta and what coordination took place between Identity Malta and Jobsplus to ensure that these jobs were being carried out.

The Minister revealed that the number of permits of new residences for work were, year by year: 

10,178 in 2018

12,644 in 2019

6,592 in 2020

8,060 in 2021

27,549 in 2022 

The Minister said that the entities coordinated between each other to carry out inspections on places of work to address any potential abuse. 


Stunning Footage Of Reykjanes Peninsula Eruptions

Stunning Footage Of Reykjanes Peninsula Eruptions
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The breathtaking display of Reykjanes peninsula volcanoes erupting was captured by photographic artist Hörður Kristleifsson. 

The Icelandic Meteorological Office confirmed that the eruption occurred near Hagafell, approximately 3 kilometers north of Grindavík. Iceland’s Coast Guard shared a striking video on Facebook, capturing a helicopter hovering over the scene, revealing a vivid line of lava streaming from the ground, enveloped in smoky hues of orange and red.

This eruption, the fourth in the region since 2021, stands as the most significant so far, covering a 4-kilometer-long fracture. Although the government assured that it poses no immediate threat to life, the area has been closed to all traffic, with a stern warning against approaching it. 

Authorities anticipate several days to assess the situation and have restricted access to emergency responders only in the danger zone near Grindavík.

The eruption, initially forewarned by the formation of a 15-kilometer-long underground magma tunnel in November, forced the evacuation of Grindavík and nearby settlements. The Icelandic Meteorological Office reported a decrease in the eruption’s intensity and seismic activity by early Tuesday, with lava spreading laterally from newly opened fissures. 


Kim Kardashian Fills House With Over 100 Christmas Trees

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Kim Kardashian continues to face relentless online criticism, even during the festive season. 

The reality TV icon shared a glimpse of her Christmas decorations at her Calabasas, California home, dubbing it a “true winter wonderland slice of heaven.” 

With a corridor filled with white Christmas trees, along with a yard of decorated trees.


Queen KimKardashian‘s #Christmas 🤍

♬ Originalton – Kim Kardashian

Documenting over 100 real Christmas trees on the property and 26 in one corridor alone, Kardashian revealed her holiday fervor. However, critics seized the opportunity to condemn the extravagance. 

Critics expressed dismay over the environmental impact of so many trees and accused her of flaunting excess amid global hardships.

In a contrasting response, some admirers hailed Kardashian’s elaborate Christmas setup as a dreamlike spectacle. While opinions varied, the divisive nature of Kardashian’s holiday display mirrored her recent controversies. 


It’s Time To Remove The Parliament Barriers, Says Architect

It's Time To Remove The Parliament Barriers, Says Architect
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Taking to LinkedIn, Chartered Engineering Fellow and Architect David Grima expressed his disdain for the remaining barriers in front of Maltese Parliament following protests which took place over 4 years ago.

‘The building’, Grima writes, ‘was built on stilts to make it seem permeable to society. A lot of money was then spent to achieve this design’ by Renzo Piano. 

‘The barriers are not only ugly and unpleasant to the eye but completely screw up the architectural concept that was envisioned.’

Grima argued that it’s a pity that certain decisions undermined the effort to change the ‘hideous Valletta entrance before it’s big overhaul.’ He even argued in favour of altering the landscape to find a way to plant permanent trees and ‘remove those cheap wooden planters’. 

This is not the first time the barriers have drawn online criticism. Back in 2022, young PN MP Eve Borg Bonello had pledged to work to eventually have these barriers removed. 

Others have used them as a source of their protest

What do you think? Is it time the barriers were removed?