60-Year Old Alejandra Rodriguez Crowned Miss Universe Buenos Aires

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Alejandra Rodriguez, a 60-year old lawyer and journalist has shocked the world by being crowned Miss Universe Buenos Aires becoming the first 60-year old to ever win a Miss Universe title.

The lawyer/journalist managed to beat out many  other women whose age ranged between 18 to 73.

Following her unprecedented success, Rodriguez has her eyes set on heftier goals, aiming to win the Miss Universe Argentina pageant and getting the opportunity to represent her country at the 73rd global Miss Universe pageant being held in Mexico City, Mexico later this year.

Speaking to media, Rodriguez had this to say; “I am thrilled to be representing this new paradigm in beauty pageants, because we are inaugurating a new stage in which women are not only physical beauty but another set of values,”

In September 2023, the Miss Universe Organization revealed that contestants would no longer be restricted to age limits. While previously there was an age limit of 18 to 28 years old, now any woman over the age of 18 year old can participate.

Alejandra is not the only older woman taking the pageant world by storm with 47-year old Haidy Cruz taking the title of Miss Universe Dominican Republic.



Buġibba’s Empire Cinema To Transform Into 167 Room Hotel

Buġibba's Empire Cinema To Transform Into 167 Room Hotel
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Buġibba’s Empire cinema faces demolition to make way for a new development pending approval of a planning application, Times of Malta explained.

Construction mogul Carmel Polidano, known as Iċ-Ċaqnu, seeks to replace the existing Empire Cinema Complex with a 167-bedroom hotel, featuring five levels of basement parking, a restaurant at the lower ground floor, and a supermarket at the upper ground floor.

The complex, situated on Triq il-Bardnell and Triq il-Ġifen, currently houses seven cinema auditoriums, restaurants, parking facilities, and an apartment block under the ownership of the Polidano Group.

The cinema ceased operations during the 2020 pandemic and remained closed thereafter. Initial rumors of refurbishment surfaced in recent years, with a prior application in October 2023 proposing a 144-bedroom hotel over ten floors.

However, the current application, PA/03858/23, outlines the expanded 167-bedroom hotel plan. Objectors, including the St Paul’s Bay local council, have until May 17 to voice concerns, as the application undergoes initial processing.


Photo Source: WhosWho.mt, Newsbook.mt

What It Means To Abandon A Pet At A Shelter

What It Means To Abandon A Pet At A Shelter
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A post shared to Facebook group ‘RUBS PUPPY LOVE’ by Maria D’Amato shows the horrible ordeal some pets go through when they are abandoned.

‘This is what it looks like when you surrender your dog to the shelter’, Maria wrote in a caption to a photo showing the state the dog left its living space in.

‘This is from a dog left behind at the shelter after being in a quiet home with a bed with a family. This is diarrhea from a stomach ache. Have you ever been so scared that you felt nauseous? That’s a 24/7 feeling for a surrendered dog.’

‘Where is my family at? Why am I in a cage? Why are all these dogs barking at me?’

‘Imagine being kicked out of your luxurious life one day and locked up for no reason, never to see your family again. Did you know that some of the dogs that are brought into the shelter don’t make it out?’

‘Pets are a life long commitment. Don’t buy/adopt an animal if you can’t take care of it financially, emotionally or physically.’


Grand Theft Auto IV Celebrates It’s 16 Year Anniversary

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Yesterday 16 years ago, iconic game Grand Theft Auto IV celebrated it’s 16 year anniversary leading to many gamers reminiscing about the game that ultimately led to Grand Theft Auto V which over it’s long run of 11 years amassed an insane $8.5 billion in global revenue.

Even though many gamers especially younger ones will only know the franchise because of the fifth edition, GTA 4 at the time as was also a record breaker becoming the fastest selling entertainment product in history at the time.

It was also Rockstar’s first ever game released in HD and according to many fans had the best and most iconic theme song of any of the GTA games.

Some individuals have also suggested that GTA 4 boasted a superior story mode compared to GTA 5, though some argue that this sentiment may stem from nostalgia.

The Grand Theft Auto frenzy is in full swing, with millions of fans worldwide eagerly anticipating the release of the highly anticipated GTA 6, scheduled for launch in 2025.