500 deaths due to air pollution in just two years

 - Health & Fitness - Oct 26

The impacts of air pollution on us and the world as a whole have been put forth as a serious we need to tackle. The situation seems to be more dire however as a study prepared by a Danish scientist measuring air pollution in Malta recently reports that around 500 deaths in the country over the past two years occurred because of this phenomenon. Scientist Kare Press-Kristensen visited the island to measure the levels of air pollution as part of a European Union funded project.

The Valletta and Senglea areas have shown a high concentration of very fine particles in the air when marine vehicles such as cruise liners and smaller ships entered the harbor. These particles enter the most sensitive parts of the lung and make their way into the bloodstream, posing major health risks. The amount of deaths therefore exceeds that of COVID-19 in just these two years. (with the pandemic having killed 460 people so far).

Press-Kristensen spoke to Television Malta, stating that a way to combat this would be ‘Emission Control Areas’ which would entail large ships switching to leaner fuels when entering the Mediterranean. BirdLife Malta also added that it has pushed for such a system to be put in place, leading to potentially healthier tangible benefits to life in Malta.


Photo Source: Crew Centre

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