50-year-old man reported missing

Dec 31 2020 Share

A 50-year-old man from Mosta has been reported missing to The Malta Police Force.

The police have stated that this man is named Marcel Pisani and was last seen at his residence in Mosta.

He drives a blue Renault Captur with a cream ceiling and anyone who catches sight of the man is urged to call the Police on 21224001 / 119 or their nearest station.


Schools in England will start later than expected to make way for mass testing

Dec 31 2020 Share

In last night’s news conference, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that after the holidays, schools will return to normal later than usual to make way for mass testing.

Primary school students in high-restriction zones will not return to school on the 4th of January and most secondary student will also return later than usual.

The Prime Minister exclaimed his faith in Britain’s return to normality by Easter, the first week of April, as he also announced tighter restrictions to be imposed from today, with high-restriction zones having a similar situation to lockdown.


Elderly homes will start to be vaccinated on Monday, Fearne says

Dec 31 2020 Share

Residents of elderly people’s homes will begin the COVID-19 vaccination process come Monday, Health Minister Chris Fearne has announced.

Fearne had previously announced that vaccine appointments with venue, date and time will start being sent by post starting Monday and will start with healthcare workers and individuals of 85 years and over.

Anyone having any queries or doubts about the vaccination process may call the new COVID-19 helpline at 145, Fearne reiterates.


3 Alternative ways to enjoy your New Year’s Eve during a pandemic

Dec 30 2020 Share

New Year’s Eve is just one day away, and with a pandemic on our hands, we can only do so much to welcome the New Year!

Here are some ideas of a pandemic-safe way to enjoy your New Year’s Eve.

Let’s start the year off with being sensible and safe while having fun as well!

1.Have a group video-call and play a New Year’s Eve drinking game.

We all know there’s nothing like celebrating the New Year with close friends and a drink or two. Under the current circumstances, that’s all bit unlikely to happen in the usual way. However, you can always do it virtually. Although it’s not exactly the same, it’s quite a good alternative considering our circumstances.
Plan a few drinking games and make sure to organise yourselves for the countdown.
Make the best of what’s available to you and try to enjoy it in new and temporary ways.

2.Have a themed party with your household bubble.

Who said you have to physically leave your own house and go somewhere else to celebrate the New Year’s rolling in?
That’s right. No one ever.
Get dressed up, decorate your house and have a COVID safe party with your own bubble.
You can even add that extra kick and make your party a themed one; 1990’s, Gatsby, Disney, the sky’s the limit!

3. Cook a special meal and bake your own dessert and welcome in the new year in style.

For those of you who might prefer a more traditional celebration of the New Year, you can still get dressed, cook a lovely meal and have a couple of drinks on New Year’s Eve.

Socialising is out of the cards, but fun definitely doesn’t have to be! 


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