5 year anniversary of the collapse of the famous Azure Window

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5 year anniversary of the collapse of the famous Azure Window

The Azure Window in Gozo, a popular tourist site as well as a natural icon worthy of the international filming industry, collapsed five years ago today. 

The Gozitan landmark, which connected the main land to a large standing rock protruding out of the sea and thus creating a window like gap beneath a rocky bridge, collapsed on the 8th of March 2017.

Weathering strong winds and storms for years, the rock formation made up of Globigerina Limestone and Lower Coralline Limestone, finally gave way to the battering. The collapse still kept the natural beauty of the area however, as tourists still continue to visit the coastline to this day. 

The Azure Window even featured in some big titles from International film industries – some of which include the likes of Game of Thrones as well as the Count of Monte Cristo. 

The beauty has also arguably transitioned to an underwater paradise as many who love diving still take to the area to explore the caverns and local aquatic fauna and flora. The Azure Window still offers a glimpse into some of Malta’s most fascinating natural gifts. 


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‘We’re not singing on stage here’ Julia Farrugia Portelli tells Julie Zahra

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‘We’re not singing on stage here’ Julia Farrugia Portelli tells Julie Zahra

Minister for Inclusion and Social Wellbeing Julia Farrugia Portelli took a jab at new PN candidate and ex-Eurovision contestant Julie Zahra during a political debate on TVM’s XTRA. 

The debate took place last night, with Farrugia Portelli telling Zahra that ‘we’re not singing on a stage here’ as they discussed whether people will be voting Labour or Nationalist during the election. 

Zahra however bit back, asking the PL candidate not to make fun of her story and, by extension, make fun of the artist. Farrugia Portelli responded by saying that she was not making fun of the artist but Zahra dug at the point by asking whether she mentioned anything about Farrugia Portelli’s past as a journalist. 

(Comments were made at 46:15 in the video above)

The Minister went on to change the subject to what was being discussed before the jab was made. However, Zahra later on took to Facebook to discuss what occurred. 

‘Yesterday, during our debate on XTRA, Julia Farrugia Portelli tried to mock me by pointing to my musical career and life as an artist and, by extension, every single artist.’

’So does having a talent and expressing yourself on a musical stage make you an inferior person for the Labour Party’ she asked. ‘Contrary to what Julia Farrugia Portelli thinks, I am proud of being an artist. I am proud of going on stage and singing. And above all else, I am working tirelessly to ensure that this politics of mockery and shaming ends once and for all.’ 


Photo Source: Julie Zahra FB

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Free contraceptive and morning-after-pills pledged by Labour

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Free contraceptive and morning-after-pills pledged by Labour

The Labour Party has pledged that, if elected into government, the morning-after pill and contraceptive pills will be offered for free at pharmacies and health centres around Malta. 

The proposals were revealed by PL president Ramona Attard and Nisa Laburisti president Nikita Alamango on International Women’s Day. 

This measure also consists of the intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUD) being offered to all women for free as part of the national health services. Tampons will be given to schools to Han out for free to remove the stigma associated with periods. 

The party also announced that the screening age for breast cancer will be lowered to 45 years to help create more awareness about testing against the disease. 

Attard said that Labour is the only party which is offering firm and credible proposals for the future of this country. These same proposals were brought up by the Nationalist Party as well as progressive party Volt Malta. 


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9 year prison sentence for man who raped woman on car bonnet in 2018

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9 year prison sentence for man who raped woman on car bonnet in 2018

A 31-year-old Eritrean man was given a nine year prison sentence after being found guilty of raping a woman in a nightclub parking lot in Paceville back in May 2018.

The case was investigated by police after they found the victim crying in the parking lot of what once was the Axis nightclub on the night of May 23rd. 

The woman said that after she and her friend went out for a cigarette, she was approached by a French-speaking man who walked with her until they reached the parking lot.

The accused was subsequently called on from there, who raped the woman on the bonnet of a car and in a space between parked cars. The woman stated that she managed to escape after she bit the accused in the face and hit him with the heel of her shoe.

A medical test confirmed that the woman was raped and suffered injuries as a result of the attack. Experts found traces of the accused’s DNA on the victim’s underwear, but he denied the allegations. 

The man asked police to ask the victim if she was crazy and claimed the woman bit him for no reason. Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech concluded that the version of the accused does not make sense, finding lots of scratches as a result of the woman trying to defend herself. 

The accused was handed a 9 year prison sentence and ordered to pay €3,900 in court costs. The magistrate called the rape crime one which elects disgust and horror and could scar someone for life.


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