5 ways to spend your vouchers before they expire this weekend

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Ever since Economy Minister Silvio Schembri announced that the government voucher scheme has been extended until the end of October, we’ve been scrambling to find out where is the best place to spend our remaining vouchers. If you’re in the same situation, fear not, because we have scoured the internet and many Maltese businesses to find some of the best activities you can spend your vouchers on until they expire this weekend.

Grab a coffee

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Let’s start simple. With temperatures dropping to absolute Winter-level and school & work schedules filled to the brim, grabbing a coffee is just what you need to take a break from your busy day-to-day life and catch up with your friends.

Malta has its fair share of great coffee shops and the choices are endless, so just grab your vouchers, hit up your WhatsApp group and grab a well-deserved coffee to deal with this weather.

Cinema Tickets

The longstanding charm and cultural value of cinema has stood the test of time and after what can be called a dark period which also saw the closure of theatres around the world, it would be more than appropriate to catch a flick at the cinema!

Grab some popcorn and a drink and let the cinematic experience sink in along with one of your favourite movies. You’ll be happy to know that both Eden and Embassy Cinemas accept government vouchers.


Bowling Games

Want to switch up the usual routine with the squad? Grab your government vouchers and head to the Eden SuperBowl to hit the lanes!

You can also redefine your night out and find out if you rule the lanes or belong to the gutter with Disco Bowling every Friday and Saturday from 9PM to midnight. Unlimited bowling, neon lights and the latest and greatest tracks – pair that with good company and a few drinks and you’re definitely in for a great night out.

Malta National Aquarium

Rediscover the beauty of nature by heading to one of island’s crown jewels in the Malta National Aquarium. The project consists of 41 tanks which include reptiles, insects, amphibians and a plethora of Mediterranean fish, making it not only an educationally-conscious outing but an aesthetically pleasing one at that.

…and if you have a couple of vouchers left, you can always grab a bite to eat from the mouth-watering menu at La Nave Bistro right on top!


Early Christmas Shopping

Despite it still being October, it’s never too early to sort out your Christmas Gifts and the government vouchers are just to right incentive to get you started on your holiday shopping.

Head over to one of Malta’s many retail outlets and get your loved ones just the gift that they deserve to ensure that you are one step ahead of your friends and family and treat them with the perfect Christmas gift!

So what are you waiting for? Grab what’s left of your vouchers and enjoy the last few weeks of availability in the best way possible!

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Beloved Maltese actor Joe Debono passes away after battle with ALS

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Beloved Maltese comic and actor Joe Debono, more popularly known as character ‘James Bondin’ has sadly passed away after a battle with ALS.

Debono’s passing was announced by his brother Louis, who stated that Joe left a lot of love of and smiles, despite it being quite a difficult morning. James Debono had stated that he suffered from ALS in an emotional interview, revealing that his life changed completely in January 2020.

ALS activist Bjorn Formosa paid tribute to Debono with a saddening Facebook post, stating that ALS is a serious condition who pities no one, going on to express his sadness at the fact that Joe did not manage to see and live in Dar Bjorn in its entirety.

RIP James, you will be dearly missed.


Maltese lawyer & artist goes viral after posting TikTok on career changes

Maltese lawyer & artist goes after posting TikTok on career changes
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A local artist’s brutally honest and super relatable TikTok video about changing career paths has gone viral and managed to garner over half a million views on TikTok.

@nicsdebonoqueen of changing career paths at 25 👩🏼‍🎨♬ bringing the era back yall – chuuyas gf

Nicole Sciberras Debono, an artist and lawyer posted her short video highlighting the fact that she shelved her passion of art and design to go to law school, welcoming a plethora of comments from people who went through the same experience.

Sciberras Debono has since switched career paths and touched the hearts of many who are ‘ignoring their passion to be able to pay bills’, going on to state that she only wanted to shed light on the stigma towards ‘unconventional’ career paths.


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A mere glance at the artist’s Instagram will now her extensive artistic capabilities and sustain her message to never abandon one’s true passion.


Netflix prices to increase very soon

Netflix prices to increase very soon
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If you use Netflix, you need to know that the streaming giant has just confirmed that they will be increasing prices in a number of different countries, which includes Malta.

Netflix had already alluded to a boost in prices towards the beginning of 2021 but promises that such an increase comes with added content, but the viewers will be the judge of whether it is worth it or not.

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The Basic Plan will remain €7.99 with the platform allowing downloads on one device, the Standard €12.99 with HD streaming and downloads on 2 devices while the Premium plan will begin to cost €17.99 with downloads on 4 devices and Ultra HD streaming.

Other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Disney+ and HBO Max are reportedly competing amongst themselves for better prices, with Netflix allegedly remaining a more reliable choice due to its database.


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