5 ways to ease yourself into a vegan lifestyle

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5 ways to ease yourself into a vegan lifestyle

As the new year picks up it’s pace, many might be considering a massive leap towards a new diet or lifestyle. And for many, the vegan diet has been an intriguing concept. Whether it’s for health or philosophical reasons, veganism is undoubtedly picking up popularity.

However, it might seem quite daunting for someone trying to test the waters but fears they will not manage to adjust to it as well as they hope. But fear not, we have you covered. Here are five ways you can approach it before completely taking the plunge you’ve been waiting for. 

Tip 1: Taste Tests 

‘But what will I eat?’- This question is a very fair one. Transitioning from juicy steaks to a diet where those are absent might seem impossible. 

But start off by introducing vegan options to your meals. Maybe substitute some animal-based products here and there 3 times a week or get used to the taste of vegan foods. This way, it might not come as too much of a shock when you completely make the shift. 

Tip 2: Get Testimonies! 

Whether it’s that friend who’s been vegan for 2 years already or a health specialist who focuses on this specific diet, getting second-hand accounts as to the benefits of veganism can help you transition. 

Of course, you’re not guaranteed that everyone will endorse the lifestyle 100%. You might encounter someone who decided to go back on it. But community and support are crucial for such big decisions!

Tip 3: Meet animals! 

Go out and volunteer in some shelters and see first hand which species you’ll be helping with your decision! Visit a couple of farms and see that, no, animals aren’t purposefully made to be on your plate. They are wonderful beings worthy of love and well-being. 

Tip 4: Philosophy can be fun – and life-saving!

‘Don’t you miss chicken nuggets and bacon?’ – A question that pops up way too often but can be easily answered with, ‘Yes, but it isn’t about me.’ 

It’s perfectly understandable to turn vegan purely for health reasons. But extending your well of knowledge to consider what happens during the entire process which leads to a piece of meat to end up on your plate can raise your consideration of the world at large tenfold. For starters, consider reading Peter Singer’s ‘Animal Liberation.’

Tip 5: It’s not an absolute decision 

This shouldn’t be deemed as an excuse to be a ‘vegan by name, wild omnivore by action’, but know that your decision is not set in some absolute stone. 

You can slip up, take your time, pause it for health reasons, etc. We’re human trying to make lives, ours and those of other beings, better. A slip up or two is expected. But the effort is already contributing towards at least, more awareness! 

Bonus tip: Set mini challenges for yourself. Consider turning vegan for a week at a time and see how it goes. Then extend it to two weeks… then three. Before you know it you won’t even notice the transition happened in its entirety. 


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