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5 vegan substitutes to your favourite foods

5 vegan substitutes to your favourite foods
Jan 14 2022 Share

Collins dictionary defines a vegan as someone who “never eats meat or any animal products such as milk, butter, or cheese.” At face value, that may seem like a mundane lifestyle consisting solely of lettuce and rice but that’s where you’re wrong. Veganism doesn’t mean that you have to abstain from vibrant, exciting dishes but rather the opposite. So if you haven’t tried this lifestyle yet and want to take a trip to the green side, here are 5 vegan substitutes to your favourite dishes.

V-Gang from The Meatball Guys

The beauty of gastronomy is that when you least expect it, a restaurant comes out with a new dish which leaves foodies drooling at their screens and The Meatballs Guys’ latest vegan creation is quite a sight to see.

The V-Gang is a sandwich made up of 100% homemade vegan balls, baby spinach, smooth potato mousse, Sorrento tomatoes, carrot chips, homemade vegan mayo, cradled in a brioche bun.

Beyond Burrito from Avotaco

Avotaco’s Beyond Burrito is equally plant-based as it is flavourful: 100%. The Mexican food spot’s vegan burrito is bursting with flavour and features plant-based Beyond Meat, Bean & Bell Pepper Mix, Fresh Roasted Corn & Avotaco Signature Vegan Sauce!

So if you want to take yourself on a trip to Mexico while maintaining a vegan diet, the Beyond Burrito is definitely the way to go. Bonus challenge: try to look at it without drooling.

Vegan Chipotle Jackfruit Melt from Dr. Juice

Dr. Juice is well-known for offering fresh, delectable dishes which cater to all lifestyles and their vegan selections are absolutely unmatched. That’s why a lot of people got excited when they introduce the vegan twist on a classic menu item: the Chipotle Jackfruit Melt!

Jackfruit, jalapeño peppers, chipotle sauce & vegan cheese: if your mouth isn’t watering yet, just wait until you see it with your own eyes.

Beyond Pizza from Bohini

A vegan pizza if we ever did see one. This gorgeous Imgarr restaurant recently cropped up on our radar for its attractive food and scenic atmosphere but when we caught a glimpse of their vegan pizza, we couldn’t help get hungry.

Topped with tomato salsa, vegan mozzarella, beyond sausage meat, caramelised onions, bell peppers, tomato chilli jam and a sesame seed crust, whether you’re a fully-fledged vegan or not, this is one hell of a pizza.

The Vurger from Olive 3

Trust us when we tell you it looks as good as it tastes. This brand new cafe concept in the heart of Mrieħel offers a diverse selection of breakfast dishes, quick lunches and office-ready meals which will satisfy your stomach and keep you going throughout the day.

The true star of the show however, is The Vurger. An in-house marinated Portobello Mushroom with a basil and walnut pesto, red onion, rucola, tomatoes and guacamole. If you love burgers and want to dabble in veganism, this is a must-try.

WATCH: Check out our latest MFILES interview with vegan trainer Josef Mizzi where he discusses all of the dietary misconceptions surrounding veganism and how the lifestyle informs his coaching profession:

Which one is your favourite? Send this story to someone who should try veganism.


Cinemas and theatres will not need to social distance as of Monday in regulation-backtrack

BREAKING: No need for social distancing in cinemas and theatres
Jan 14 2022 Share

A recent post by the Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association has revealed that cinemas and theatres will operate as they were and will not need to enact social distancing as of Monday.

According to the health authorities’ recently-published guidelines, which will come into effect as of Monday, cinemas and theatres were to reinstitute social distancing, which had caused considerable frustration within the industry.

The standards called for the presentation of a valid vaccination certificate upon entry, but also required individuals in cinemas and theatres to be seated at a minimum of 1.5 metres apart. This was seen as a step back from what was taking place in previous months, with cinemas and theatres allowing vaccinated individuals to sit next to each other.

MEIA President Howard Keith Debono not only stated that the situation is deteriorating for such establishments but suggested that discrimination was taking place against the arts and entertainment industry. As of Monday, a valid vaccine certificate will need to be presented to enter a significant number of establishments across the country.

More on this as it develops.


Majority of University exams to be held online after student uproar

Majority of University exams to be held online after student uproar
Jan 14 2022 Share

In a recent statement published by the University of Malta, it was reported that an estimated 700 of 976 exams are to be held remotely during its first semester. The reasoning behind this was due to the disruption cause by Malta’s current quarantine measures.

The previous decision to hold physical exams created somewhat of an uproar from various students and organisations, with a petition campaigning for online lectures and exams gaining just under 2,100 signatures. Examinations will start on Monday January 24th.

The University stated that after consulting with faculties, institutions, centres and schools, “it was decided that more than two thirds of exams scheduled to be held at the end of the first semester are to be held online.”

Do you agree with the decision?


Sliema man owed neighbours €2,000 after multiple reports of barking dogs

Sliema man owed neighbours €2,000 after multiple reports of barking dogs
Jan 14 2022 Share

A Sliema resident was ordered to give his neighbours €2,000 due to the inconveniences caused as a result of his barking dogs.

In 2013, Carmel and Ruth Bonello opened a court case against Anthony Bonett in the First Hall of the Civil Court. The couple did not only ask Bonett to remove his dogs from the premises but provide compensation for the damages caused. The Bonello couple and Bonett live next door to each other in St. Helen’s Street.

The couple complained that Bonett’s four dogs were barking excessively throughout all hours of the day and night, submitting three reports to the Sliema Police Station between 2011 and 2013 before deciding to file an official court case. One year after the case was opened, Bonett decided to remove his dogs.

Despite this, judge Micallef concluded that the dogs’ barking contributed to the couple’s anxiety and thus, Bonett was ordered to give the couple €2,000 in compensation.