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5 unique courses you will not believe are offered at ITS

5 unique courses you will not believe are offered at ITS
Jul 1 2022 Share

The Institute of Tourism Studies’ mission statement is “Quality learning to achieve excellence in tourism”, and we can confidently say that they not only commit but deliver on this promise. This higher educational institution offers multiple courses which cultivate tourism professionals from all walks of life and here are 5 unique courses you will not believe are offered at ITS.

Diploma in Climate Friendly Travel

Climate change is one of the most dominant & concerning issues worldwide and it is our responsibility as citizens of the Earth to attempt to understand and remedy the situation to the best of our abilities. ITS’ Diploma in Climate Friendly Travel in collaboration with SUNx Malta offers a platform for students to understand the effects of climate change on the travel ecosystem and ultimately adopt a professional and sustainable attitude towards travel.

What’s better? This one year course is offered completely online so you may follow it remotely from anywhere around the world!

Bachelor of Science in Diving Safety Management

With Malta being surrounded by crystal clear waters, it is only natural for a local institution to provide an opportunity for a safe, mature understanding of the island’s blue depths. The course, which is offered both on full-time and part-time basis through blended learning, allows students, dive professionals and businesses to grow their competence and better understand the risks associated with scuba diving whilst developing business acumen within the industry.

Master of Arts in Heritage Interpretation

Malta’s culture, history and heritage form a significant part of the country’s identity and it is of utmost importance to have professionals which are able to understand and educate this information further. ITS’ Master of Arts in Heritage Interpretation gives a platform for students to devise innovative strategies related to tourism, assess potential demographics and potentially change the local and international Heritage and Tourism sectors for the better.


Often leading the discussion of European event hubs, Malta literally runs on events. With tourism contributing to a significant part of the country’s GDP, hospitality professionals are of utmost importance nowadays. ITS’ events study programme opens the door to various roles in events operations such as events planners, events managers, events specialists, fair and contentions coordinators, DMC managers and much more.

Travel & Tourism

While a Travel & Tourism programme at the Institute of Tourism Studies may not come as a surprise to you, the importance of such a course in Malta’s touristic climate is definitely unbelievable. The weight travel and tourism carry on Malta’s culture and economy are immense and the benefits of having an understanding of such a climate are truly priceless.

Students are able to further their studies onto a Bachelor Degree in International Hospitality Management, offered in collaboration with the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Finland and then onto an MBA in International Hospitality Management in academic affiliation with The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management.

…but don’t take our word for it! Take a look at the prospectus for yourself and let us know what you think!

Applications are currently open and found at www.its.edu.mt


WATCH: Stadium erupts after last-second shot sends Malta basketball team to semi-finals

Jul 1 2022 Share

The Ta’ Qali basketball pavilion erupted on Thursday night after Malta’s national basketball team scored a breathtaking three pointer in the final seconds to secure a spot in the FIBA Championship for Small Countries semi-final.

Trailing Andorra by just two points, Tevin Falzon’s ultimate three-pointer locked in Malta’s 72-70 score and got supporters on their feet in support of the national team.

Andorra, one of Group A’s gold medal favourites, were handed a defeat by the Maltese national team, which will now play the winners of Friday’s match between Azerbaijan and San Marino for a spot at Sunday’s FIBA final.

Come on Malta!


Photo Source: Malta Basketball Association / @alex.psaila IG

“Happy Birthday Dr. Lawrence Gonzi”; MEP David Casa with heartfelt message to former PM

"Happy Birthday Dr. Lawrence Gonzi"; MEP David Casa with heartfelt message to former PM
Jul 1 2022 Share

Today is former Prime Minister & PN Leader Lawrence Gonzi’s 69th birthday and a few of his colleagues and associates took to social media to send their well wishes.

Gonzi served as Prime Minister of Malta between 2004 and 2013 and also occupied a number of other roles within Parliament such as speaker, minister and multiple others.

Amongst other birthday messages was European Parliament member David Casa, who thanked Gonzi for his many years of service to the Maltese & Gozitan people.

Hundreds of others took to the comments section to also wish the politician a happy birthday!


“Not all classrooms have four walls”; Maltese family aims to inspire with their travels

"Not all classrooms have four walls"; Maltese family aims to inspire with their travels
Jul 1 2022 Share

In an attempt to inspire families to travel near & far, one Maltese family is attempting to encourage parents to travel as much as they can with their children on order to educate them.

Appropriately named ‘The Wandering Four’ on Instagram, Malta’s first travelling family’s mantra is that “Not all classrooms have four walls”, constantly highlighting the importance of travelling to destinations which challenge their comfort zones and create unforgettable memories.

The family argues that while many people think travel stops when children are born, the system simply changes and families have to adjust; but life goes on. “Traveling around the world is another way we like educate our kids,” said the parents of 10-year-old Ninu and 9-year-old LuΔ‹ija.

A look at their Instagram page shows the family travelling to destinations like Vietnam, Malaysia, Borneo, Sri Lanka since they were toddlers and their most recent journeys are truly a sight to see. With a massive six-week trip to South America up next, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for The Wandering Four.

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