5 things you should do on a rainy day in Malta

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5 things you should do on a rainy day in Malta

Whether’s it’s a spot of retail therapy or going to watch a movie, there are quite a few ways of how you can spend rainy days in Malta. Which one’s your favourite?

1. Go shopping

As temperatures continue to drop, a little bit of retail therapy is exactly what you need to raise those temperatures. Whether it’s just window shopping or a complete shopping haul, pay a visit to one of Malta’s many shopping centres will definitely help you pass the time this January.

2. Visit the National Aquarium

Escape Malta’s grey January skies and dive into a colourful undersea wonderland at the Malta National Aquarium in St. Paul’s Bay. While you’re at it, complete the outing with a meal at La Nave Bistro and secure a great outing for the entire family.

3. Book a spa day

Whether you want to go on an intimate date with your partner, book a pampering day with a family member or catch up with an old friend, a spa day is just what you need. A few hours of pampering in a delicate, professional environment will calm the nerves and leave you feeling 100% refreshed.

4. Go watch a movie

We know how it feels to have cinema taken away and now that it’s back in full force, we encourage you to appreciate it as much as possible. Grab a popcorn, some nachos and find a film which tickles your fancy and you’re in for the perfect Autumn-Winter outing.

5. Stay in

The easiest option of all and in this weather, the most enticing. Head on down to your nearest supermarket, grab a few fresh ingredients and cook a dish of your liking as you stay inside to play a few board games or watch a bit of Netflix: time well spent.


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Air Malta announce new flights to Lisbon: here are 5 reasons you should visit

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Get your passport ready because Air Malta has launched new summer routes to Lisbon for Summer 2023!

The trips to the Portuguese capital are the fifth new destination which form part of the airline’s summer route expansion, which also include flights to Naples, Nice, Palermo and Tel Aviv.

The flights will happen twice per week, on Mondays and Thursdays and will operate between June and October 26th, 2023.

Lisbon is known for its astounding architecture, mouth-watering food and gorgeous seas & sights, so if there were a time to visit the Portuguese capital, it’s now.


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Celebrate Carnival in style with a grand Venice-inspired ball at Valletta’s iconic MCC

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Celebrate Carnival in style with a grand Venice-inspired ball at Valletta's iconic MCC

No matter how old you are, the enchanting exuberance of carnival is certainly a sight to see and this year, the MCC is taking it to the next level.

“This year, Grand Master Pinto invites you to CARNE VALE, il Gran Ballo in Maschera”, a night of laughter, music, theatre, dance & culture that will transport you to the fantastic world of the Baroque carnival.

Take yourself on a journey to Venice by way of the Sacra Infermeria, now known as the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta, and enjoy an immersive night of carnival fun.

Enjoy the unique atmosphere and grande spectacle for the gala, which includes welcome drinks and canapés, a seated 4-course lavish dinner complemented by superior wines as well as a 3-hour open bar with international drinks to follow.

Dine, dance and make merry as you become immersed into a magical world with harlequins and minstrels, dancers, acrobats, musicians, all in magnificent costumes and alluring masks of Malta’s own take on a flamboyantly magnificent Baroque Carnival.

“Drawing inspiration from Dante’s epic poem, the Divine Comedy our patrons will be seduced by many wonders as they peruse highly stylised renditions of Dante’s Purgatorio, Paradiso and Inferno. They will then make their way to the dinner hall for a sumptuous four course meal replete with revelry, mystery and entertainment, under the patronage of Grand Master Pinto himself.”

With an interactive theatrical performance, fire show, a 5-star menu of mouth-watering food and a variety of performances with everything from acrobats to opera singers, this year’s carnival is sure to be one for the books so secure your €150 tickets now and prepare for the celebration of a lifetime.

Check out the event’s website if you want to know more.

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Miley Cyrus’ ‘Flowers’ just became the fastest song to reach 100 million streams on Spotify

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Miley Cyrus' 'Flowers' just became the fastest song to reach 100 million streams on Spotify

Miley Cyrus has started off 2023 with an absolute bang after her new track ‘Flowers’ became the fastest song in Spotify history to reach 100 million streams.

The track became a self-love and empowerment anthem from the first moment it hit the airwaves, with many fans calling the track the beginning of a redemption arc for the former Hannah Montana star.

‘Flowers’ is all about independence and post-breakup happiness, with the American singer-songwriter taking digs at ex-husband Liam Hemsworth on the day of his birthday.

The track interpolates Bruno Mars’ ‘When I Was Your Man’, a song previously dedicated to Cyrus by Hemsworth when they were together.

What do you think of ‘Flowers’?


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