5 things you didn’t know about laser hair removal treatment

5 things you didn't know about laser hair removal treatment
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If you yearn for clearer & smoother skin whilst wanting to enjoy a long list of skincare-related benefits, it may be a sign that you should consider laser hair removal treatment.

Whether you’re after a complete laser hair removal package or just want a touch-up session, MC Pharmacy & Clinics have got you sorted with everything you’ll ever need and, that said, here are 5 things you didn’t know about laser hair removal treatment:

The process is pretty smooth

Laser hair removal basically removes hairs by sending a laser light through one’s hair pigments. Via MC Pharmacy’s Candela Gentlelase Pro technology, the light converts to heat and damages the hair follicle and hair bulb, thus inhibiting or delaying future hair growth. Thankfully, the laser technology used in the treatments comes with a cooling mechanism which blasts cool air where the laser was pointed. Making the experience smooth and effortless.

It has more than one benefit

Beyond liberating you from those pesky excess hairs, laser hair removal also helps with the reduction of ingrown hairs and irritation of skin. Professionals have revealed that such a treatment encourages hairs to grow straight, thus reducing or eliminating the possibility for ingrown hairs to grow.

It won’t break the bank

Oftentimes, people stray away from self-care treatments because they fear it will empty their pockets but you’ll be surprised to find out that a treatment like laser hair removal is actually quick, efficient and inexpensive. For example, MC Pharmacy’s current October offers on 1-year memberships are an absolute steal, with €315 for full-body treatments for females and €315 half-body for males.

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As media and communication tools continue to develop, booking one’s appointments and treatments has truly never been so easy and, with MC Pharmacy, you can getting your bookings done in no time. Give them a call on +356 2180 1962 or send them a PM on Facebook to book a FREE test patch and consultation!


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You can learn more at MC Pharmacy’s open weekend!

Knowledge is power and when it comes to self-care, no amount of knowledge is ever enough. That’s why it’d be a great idea to visit MC Pharmacy’s Open Weekend between Thursday 20th and Sunday 23rd October. With free under-arm test patches, special offers, freebies and a walk-in clinic for laser hair removal consultation and test patches, this event is definitely not one to miss!

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Scooby Doo’s Velma comes out as lesbian in latest Scooby Doo trailer

Scooby Doo's Velma comes out as lesbian in latest Scooby Doo trailer
Oct 6 2022 Share

After years of speculation and fan theories, iconic Scooby Doo character Velma Dinkley has been confirmed to be a lesbian.

A number of clips from the crime-busting dog’s new Halloween special shows the fan favourite sleuth’s glasses fogging up as her cheeks go red when she meets the film’s villain Coco Diablo.

In another instance, Dinkley tells her friend and fellow investigator that she bewitched by the series’ villain, telling her: “I’m crushing big time Daphne! What do I do? What do I say?”

Scooby-Doo and the rest of Mystery Incorporated have been busting crimes and unmasking ghosts since 1969, with the nature of Velma’s sexuality being a hot topic amongst casual watchers and passionate fans alike. Over the past few years, fans seem to have been in agreement that Velma is queer, but this new trailer finally gives the nod from the franchise itself.

“OMG LESBIAN VELMA FINALLY CANON CANON IN THE MOVIES LETS GOOOOOO,” one Twitter user wrote to a supportive reception of over 200,000 likes as the social media sphere went into a frenzy.

How did you react to this reveal?


Zebra crossings across Malta go Pink for Pink October-Movember 2022

Zebra crossings across Malta go Pink for Pink October-Movember 2022
Oct 6 2022 Share

The first Monday of October saw some of Malta’s Zebra Crossings turn pink in a bid to raise awareness on Pink October-Movember, the nationwide campaign that raises awareness on the most common female and male cancers.

Zebras Go Pink kicked off this morning with a symbolic walk across the freshly painted pink and white zebra crossing in St. Edward’s Street  Vittoriosa, by Chair and Campaign Leader Michelle Muscat, CEO Transport Malta Brig. Jeffrey Curmi, Mayors of the Three Cities Mr. John Boxall, Mr. Marco Agius and Mr Clive Pulis together with Minister for Infrastructure Aaron Farrugia. 

In a statement, Michelle Muscat reiterated the importance of this educational campaign which aims to educate the public on the need to check themselves, on THE HOW to check themselves properly, do the necessary screenings and tests and face the fear that most times prevents them from getting diagnosed in time. 

The Pink Oct- Mov ‘22 is focusing on 3 female cancers  breast, ovarian and cervical cancer and on 2 common male cancers: testicular and prostate.

If you would like to support Pink Oct – Mov’22 please visit the Pink Oct Mov Facebook page or Instagram or the website marigold.org/pink to learn more on their events this month or donate on the numbers below:

SMS Donations               50619238 for €11.65|
CALL Donations              51702052 €15 ​ 51802053 €25


All land on Earth is slowly coming together to form one supercontinent, scientists say

All land on Earth is slowly coming together to form one supercontinent, scientists say
Oct 6 2022 Share

Scientists have suggested that all land on Earth is slowly coming together to create one massive supercontinent, but it’s not happening in the next few years.

Basically, if you were planning a cross-continent trip from Malta to the United States, you’re better off postponing as researchers are expecting this to happen over the next 300 million years, with supercontinent called Amasia.

The study, published in the National Science Review, attempts to predict the future of the Earth’s terrain and argues that the entire Pacific Ocean could be completely closed up.

Lead author Chuan Huang and his team utilised 4D geodynamic modelling of the Earth’s tectonic plates to understand how past supercontinents like Pangea came to be.

From their research, the scientists concluded that the most probable outcome for the new supercontinent is through extroversion, the process by which continents form over the former superocean, with the supercontinent to see Australia come together with Asia.


Photo Source: Interesting Engineering