5 Super Powers All Mothers Have

 - Women - May 7
5 Super Powers All Mothers Have

1. Strength

A mother’s strength is something a superhero can only aspire for – multitasking multiple jobs at once and not to mention carrying you around for 9 months! All the while striving for her goals and aspirations!

2. Wisdom
A mother’s wisdom is always ready with whatever you need in your time of need. They have experienced so much that a solution to our troubles is always ready – especially when we ourselves can’t see it clearly.

3. Patience

The waiting period did not stop at those 9 months but will continue on for as long as you live. Your mum has been there guiding the way, moulding with immense care what you truly deserve to be.

4. Intuition

Even when we weren’t ready to open up about something, our mums can read us like an open book. How many times has your mum supported you in subtle ways – maybe by bringing in something delicious into your room or simply leaving a sweet note with your lunch to school?

5. Love

All these powers are second only to the greatest power your mum has – love. Moulding them together, your mum has done everything in her power to ensure that you are supported for, happy and thriving. They are real life superheroes who ask for nothing in return.



Go show your mother some love!



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