5 reasons why you should study at ITS

5 reasons why you should study at ITS
Jun 14 2022 Share

Tertiary education unlocks the doors of our future and when you want to pursue a career in the tourism and hospital industry, you may look no further.

Like most tertiary education institutions, The Institute of Tourism Studies offers a range of courses on full-time and part-time basis but what sets ITS apart from the rest is the provision of hands-on & internship experiences whilst prioritising student wellbeing across the board. The list of reasons of why you should study at ITS is endless, but here are 5 of the main ones:

Malta’s main tourism and hospitality institution

Since it was established in 1987, ITS has been Malta’s leading tourism and hospitality educational institution. With a wide variety of study programmes taught by experienced and dedicated lecturers, you’ll find yourself studying in specialised halls, labs and kitchens to receive education which is both theoretical as well as practical.

Moreover, ITS boasts a 98% employability rate so students can put their mind at rest with regards to employment.

Offers internationally-recognised qualifications

ITS has secured contracts with various top International Universities and Institutions to ensure students not only graduate from a reputable institute but also have the opportunity to study at these institutions. Students can obtain a more comprehensive experience and develop skills to meet diverse international standards.

ITS has collaborated with renowned universities such as the Institut Paul Bocuse, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, SUNx Malta and DAN Europe. Pair that with an academic affiliation with one of the world’s top 10 hospitality schools, The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management and you can put your mind at ease.

Education beyond the classroom with hands-on experience

While theoretical knowledge is also of utmost importance, students will also have the opportunity to get an extensive, hands-on experience at the ITS training restaurants, kitchens and hospitality laboratories across campus. Amongst the many exciting platforms of education are ITS’ four restaurants, six individual kitchens, bar lab, wine lab, food science lab and chocolate lab.

Paid internships with both local & international organisations

As part of their study programme, the students also have the opportunity to gain further training through the Local Industrial Trade Practice and International Internship. With these internships, students can obtain a more comprehensive experience and develop skills to meet diverse international standards.

ITS partners with HOSCO, the world’s leading hospitality job site, where ITS students and alumni may network and find career opportunities worldwide.

Track record of finding employment before graduation

As we’ve mentioned, the Institute of Tourism Studies boasts a jaw-dropping 98% employability rate, with ITS Alumni going on to become head chefs, general managers, pastry chefs, establishment owners, event planning managers, tourists guides, and so much more.

A look at ITS’ testimonials page will show how strategic plans flourish into internship experiences and ultimately fulfilling careers, so if you’re planning your future, start with ITS.


Applications are currently open and found at www.its.edu.mt.


Tourism Minister bans sun-beds on Blue Lagoon sandy beach and limits them to quay

Tourism Minister bans sun-beds on Blue Lagoon sandy beach and limits them to quay
Jun 14 2022 Share

Following a demonstration by Moviment Graffiti in which the NGO removed deckchairs from Comino’s sandy beach, Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo came out and banned them outright from the area. 

Bartolo revealed that they will be limited to the quay area but in reduced amounts. This would see the scenario change drastically on Comino, away from the clutter of noise and crowds which were posing a problem year after year. 

Questioned on his way to parliament, the minister said that matters at Blue Lagoon already improved. He said that the sandy area will be totally accessible to people as sun-beds will no longer be allowed there. 

‘This way, we can assure that people can lay out their towels and stay there if they want to, but at the same time, the substantial number of visitors who ask to rent sun-beds will be catered for’ he explained to journalists. 

The minister also revealed that capping the number of visitors is being considered as part of a long-term management plan for Comino. He went on to add that Graffiti activists were on the island the same day that MTA officials were going to be there to make sure issue is addressed. 


Photo Source: Moviment Graffiti

Disney+ is officially in Malta and we’re ready to binge!

Disney+ is officially in Malta and we’re ready to binge!
Jun 14 2022 Share

Online streaming platform Disney+ has officially arrived in Malta and we’re ready to binge a whole lot of new series!

Disney confirmed plans to roll out their platform in 42 new countries back in January of this year, with Malta making the list. No date was revealed but it seems as though the date has finally arrived. 

Malta daily Facebook 970x90

Malta is now in line with other European countries such as Germany, Italy and the UK, whose citizens had access to Disney+ since 2020. 

A basic subscription for the platform costs €8.99 per month or €89.90 per year, and given Netflix’s current drop in subscribers, the Maltese might also now pose a bit of a problem for the streaming giant as they switch over. 

The platform offers series and movies ranging from Disney to Pixar, Marvel to Star Wars, and even National Geographic and classics such as the Simpsons. Will you be switching over or adding Disney+ to your binge repertoire? 


Malta Airport traffic for May just 18% below 2019 levels

Malta Airport traffic for May just 18% below 2019 levels
Jun 13 2022 Share

A statement by the Malta International Airport revealed that signs of a comeback are more evident now as the traffic for May became the second consecutive month to surpass half a million passengers. 

The statement revealed that 554,820 passengers travelled through Malta International Airport last month, which is a recovery of 82.3% of pre-pandemic figures. The majority of countries which are directly connected to the airport have now completely removed their travel requirements coming from European or Schengen countries. 

The traffic recovered with the recovery of seat capacity, which was at 81.2% of 2019 levels. 81.4% of the seats available on flights operated from and to MIA were occupied in May. 

This marks an increase of 1.1% over 2019, with last month’s seat occupancy being the highest MIA has registered in the past two years. In terms of markets, Italy continued to remain in the lead, accounting for 121,120 passengers out of May’s total traffic. 

The UK, France, Germany and Poland too retained their rankings from the previous month. Despite the recovery, the recovery of routes connecting the airport to its two core market – the UK and Germany – is still moving at a slow pace. 


Photo source: Rene Rossignaud