5 reasons why the mid-term holidays are PERFECT for a trip to Sicily

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5 reasons why the mid-term holidays are PERFECT for a trip to Sicily

One can argue that holidays are the glue that preserve our sanity as we soldier on our everyday lives, but despite this, they are never enough. After a summer of enjoyment, the yearning for a mini-trip remains and a holiday costing thousands right before the Christmas break seems like a big no-no. Thankfully, Virtu Ferries’ perks & prices make a Sicily trip sound just right & here are 5 reasons why the mid-term holidays are PERFECT time for it.

Hotel prices are discounted

Beyond having one of the lowest costs of living in Europe, Sicily’s prices tend to drop after the busy summer season due to an expected decrease in demand. Pay a visit to Sicily and benefit from a budget-friendly experience unlike any other whilst still enjoying the finer things in life.

Best time for wine

Sicily is home to the longest wine harvest in Italy at over 100 days, and multiple wine producers are expecting very good fruit this season, despite over two and a half months of heat waves with no rain this summer. Whether you plan to visit a vineyard or go on a typical Sicilian wine tour, it’s definitely worth booking your ferry tickets now.

Weather is perfect for hiking

It seems like this summer was one of the hottest ever and after three long months of blistering heat and scorching weather, enjoying some time in Sicily’s gorgeous landscape sounds like a breeze (pun intended). From Mount Etna to Parco dei Nebrodi, the hiking possibilities are absolutely endless and take a literal breather in some gorgeous scenery is not only enjoyable but therapeutic.

We could all do with some fresh air

At the end of the day, Malta is our home and we can’t help but love it, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy taking in the crisp, fresh air other countries have to offer. So if a short, cost-friendly getaway in gorgeous Mediterranean scenery is what you’re looking for, visit Virtu Ferries website and book your holiday now!

Virtu Ferries have got you sorted

Virtu Ferries offer competitive prices at absolutely incredible value whilst also accommodating passengers with unmatched customer service. With increased frequency and flexibility via two vessels performing the route to Pozzallo with an option to change the data & a cancellation policy up to 24 hours before departure, a holiday never seemed so easily within reach.

So what are you waiting for? Think ahead, book now and spend the mid-term holidays in Sicily!


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Bolt proposes GoTo parking spaces be used for e-scooters

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Bolt proposes GoTo parking spaces be used for e-scooters

Following the announcement that popular electricity vehicle sharing app GoTo will be terminating services in Malta by the 30th of September, Bolt has proposed to the government to use the future vacant parking spots for the e-scooters. 

The issue of parking for the e-scooters has picked up heat in recent months as many complained that the scooters were being left recklessly all over roads and pavements. 

When asked about the proposal by MaltaDaily, Country manager for Rentals at Bolt Malta Kristian Kobescak said: 

‘Our goal is to provide cities with the best solutions to the most pressing mobility challenges, and parking is currently one of them. Bolt strongly believes that these parking spots, if turned into the electric scooter parking area, could lend a helping hand in solving the parking problem in Malta.’ 

‘We would be pleased to open a dialogue with the authorities and discuss potential collaboration.’ 

According to the GoTo’s user guide, the company had around 450 on-street parking spots reserved to its electric-vehicle cars, with most in the Eastern region where they are most popular. The withdrawal statement by GoTo came after an accident saw an underage driver crashing a vehicle into a wall and injuring the passengers. 


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Over 70 arrests in one week: here’s what went down

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Over 70 arrests in one week: here’s what went down

This week, the Malta Police Force carried out over 70 arrests pertaining to various crimes. The force gave the public an update as to what went down, congratulating its officers for their sterling work and the people for their cooperation. 

Among the arrests, 4 were arrested during an operation in Marsa where 400 sachets of cocaine, heroin and cannabis were being prepared for trafficking.

49 individuals were arrested after they were found to be living in Malta illegally, with the procedures for repatriation having already started. Meanwhile, 8 were arrested and arraigned over cases of domestic violence. 

The charges of the latter included causing bodily harm, causing fear of violence, insults, threats, blackmail, harassment, stalking, breaching restraining orders and being in possession of an unlicensed firearm. 

2 were arrested and arraigned in connection with human trafficking, 2 others arrested and arraigned for causing grievous bodily harm to a third party during an argument, carrying a shotgun without a license and detaining a victim. 

2 others were arrested following searches inside a store in Birkirkara where a robbery was taking place. 5 were arraigned over charges of theft and misappropriation for reportedly giving a government job to a third party. 

One person was arrested following an inspection in a field together with the Wild Bird Regulation Unit (WBRU), wherein two sets of large clap nets, 136 live protected birds from 18 different species, as well as several plastic decoys and stuffed herons were confiscated. 

A person was arrested for committing non-consensual sexual acts on a 17-year-old girl, as well as threatening her. A person was arrested for stealing a phone and a wallet from another man in Qawra whilst another was found drunk in public and arrested for threatening an officer. 

In Gozo, 3 persons were arrested and arraigned over separate harassment cases, as well as misuse of electronic equipment, a case related to theft and a case of assault wherein a knife was used. A person was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment after pleading guilty to 3 thefts over a week in Valletta. 



Diner makes sure to compliment the chef at Planet Hollywood Malta

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Diner makes sure to compliment the chef at Planet Hollywood Malta

A diner at Planet Hollywood Malta wanted to publicly express how delicious his meaty plate was with a peculiar stunt.

The diner initially shocks an entire restaurant after he shouts out, asking who cooked his meat. All eyes are on the diner as he is slowly approached by a rather bewildered chef. 


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Despite the man coming off as confrontational and not a fan of the food he was served, he suddenly bursts out: ‘Cause I love it my friend! The best.’

The stunt earned him an applause by the entire restaurant, with everyone probably sighing a breath of relief that the situation did not go as they suspected it would. 


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