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5 Maltese pasta spots you have to try at least once

 - Food - Oct 19

Pasta; a dish so internationally-beloved that it is commemorated globally every single year with its very own day. A legacy etched in history which has been a source of culinary comfort for as long as we can remember. Like every other country in the world, Malta loves its pasta, and of all the things we can boast about as residents of the Maltese Islands, our restaurants are definitely a selling point. From authentic Italian trattorias to modern spots which live to push the envelope, here are 5 Maltese pasta spots which you need to try at least once.

A Mano

This laid-back trattoria just recently opened at a gorgeous location in Kalkara and serves some of the most authentic Italian food on the island. Revel at the culinary prowess of A Mano’s highly capable chefs and take yourself on an impromptu trip to Italy.

When a restaurant’s name is a literal translation of ‘by hand’, you know it’s legit.


Formerly one of Malta’s best kept secrets, now one of the most reliable  cafés on the island, Marelli is the gift that keeps on giving. 

With an incredible, ever-changing menu featuring a number of mouth-watering pasta dishes which will keep you coming back for more. From porcini tortellacci to slow-cooked beef ragu, you will never leave Marelli disappointed. 

Giorgio’s Cafeteria 

Serving probably one of the country’s most iconic pasta dishes, Giorgio’s Cafeteria was one of the first cafés to open in Sliema and it comes as no surprise that it is still a local favourite to this day.

Giorgio’s Penne Chicken with the crispy slice of bacon on top is a mainstay in local brunch lore and if you haven’t tried already, what are you waiting for?

La Buona Trattoria Del Nonno 

A favourite foodie location built on family tradition, seasonal produce and absolutely unforgettable food. At La Buona Trattoria Del Nonno, each iconic dish is better than the last, but their Paccheri Pistacchio definitely deserves a spot on our list of iconic pasta dishes…

…and if its classics you’re looking for, their Carbonara definitely deserves a mention.

Zero Sei

Zero Sei trattoria romana in Valletta is the closest thing to an Italian holiday you can get without having to book the real thing. Immerse yourself in the taste of Italy and trust your palate in the hands of Zero Sei’s super-capable chefs.

Whether you fancy an authentic serving of Carbonara, a decadent dish of Amatriciana or anything in between, you need to head over to Zero Sei ASAP.

Which one of these is your favourite? Can you think of anywhere else?


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