6 classic & hilarious quotes from Maltese mums on Mother’s Day

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While we firmly believe that our mothers should be celebrated every single day, the globally-observed Mother’s Day is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate our mums for the absolute legends they are.

In between life-long sacrifices, compromises and absolutely iconic moments, the mothers of Malta are truly something else and today, we’re seizing the opportunity and looking back on 6 iconic quotes which have been said at least once by Maltese mums. Take a look below and see how many of these your mother has told you!

1. “Ħadt ġakketta?”

We all know that above meteorologists, weather reports and national news, no one has a better understanding of weather than our dear mothers. We’re fairly certain that, on multiple occasions, you weren’t able to leave the house without your mother insisting that you take a jacket with you just in case it gets chilly.

2. “Jekk taqa nkompli ntik”

Tough love at its very finest, the true Maltese coming-of-age moment is when a Maltese mother utters these spine-chilling words to one of her children. From the very first time you hear these four words, you discover a new found centre of gravity and realise that you are finally ready for adulthood.

3. “Saqsi lil Missierek”

The first-ever real-life game of ping-pong we experience as children is when we ask our mothers permission for something. At a cross-roads on whether they should disappoint or spoil us, mothers sometimes turn to their partners for support, prompting the iconic “Saqsi l-Missierek”. Unfortunately, the cycle begins when dad says “Saqsi ‘l ommok.”

4. “Mela hawn lukanda?”

Often asked for the first time during our teenage years, when we begin to go out with our friends; mothers tend to ask this out of frustration that we’re not spending too much time at home. When asked whether our homes are a hotel or not, we begin to ask whether we should spend more time at home…

5. “Mid-dar ħa tiekol?”

Putting our minds at rest that we can always turn to them for food, we’ve should consider ourselves lucky if we’ve been asked whether we’ll be eating from home. Finding a hot plate food when we get home is one of the most wholesome things in the world and one of the main reasons we should be celebrating our mothers today.

6. “F’għ*** ommok”

Often retorted with a classic “dik int ma” by ourselves, you know you’ve pushed your mother to her very limit when she says these words. While infuriated for a very brief moment, mum never holds a grudge and immediately goes on to continue being the legendary care-taking figure she is moments after.

How many of these did you recognise?

While we all have clashes and speed bumps with our parents during our upbringing, they have and always will want what’s best for us, and we should be celebrating them today and always. Happy Mother’s Day!


Anglu Farrugia re-elected for third term as Speaker of the House

Anglu Farrugia re-elected for third term as Speaker of the House
May 7 2022 Share

Anglu Farrugia has just been reelected as Speaker of the House of Representatives for a third term. He was endorsed only by the government side of parliament, facing no backing by the Opposition.

Farrugia was first elected back in 2013, succeeding Michael Frendo, and was then re-elected in 2017. Electing a speaker only requires a simple majority vote, which means that the government did not need the opposition’s backing to push the nominee. 

PN MP David Agius was also confirmed as Deputy Speaker with a unanimous vote. In his first address to parliament, Farrugia promised he will fulfil his constitutional role as is expected. 

The Opposition had expressed its disagreement with the nomination, with Bernard Grech urging the Prime Minister on Friday to reach a compromise over the nomination. He said that he hoped the Speaker would serve his role impartially. 

In response, Prime Minister Robert Abela said it was surreal that Grech used his first speech in parliament to accuse the country’s highest institution of being impartial. 


An end to red and dark red travel lists as of Monday for Malta

An end to red and dark red travel lists as of Monday for Malta
May 7 2022 Share

The Health Ministry revealed on Saturday that Malta will be ditching the traffic lights classification system of countries for COVID-19 purposes. 

The decision means that countries will no longer be classed as green, red or dark red, signalling an opening of travel between Malta and around 100 countries which were tainted with the dark red status.

Countries on the dark red list were practically closed off from Malta, as travel required written authorisation from the Superintendent of Public Health, mandatory quarantine and full vaccination.

The decision to do away with the list comes just one week after authorities stopped requiring travellers to fill in passenger locator forms when arriving. 

Travellers entering Malta will still need to present valid COVID vaccination certificate, recent negative test result or a recovery certificate. Those failing to do so will quarantine for 10 days whereas kids aged 6 and under are exempt from these requirements. 


Malta daily Facebook 970x90

Here is Malta Daily’s official 4-man team for Eurovision Turin 2022

Here is MaltaDaily’s official 4-man team for Eurovision Turin 2022
May 7 2022 Share

If it’s live Eurovision updates you’re looking for, as Emma Muscat prepares to wow the stage in Turin for this year’s edition of the prestigious competition, Malta Daily has you covered!

Malta Daily has assembled it’s very own 4-man team to bring you all the best coverage of the competition. The team is composed of 4 energetic, professional, experienced and creative members; 

Peter Carbonaro – a Eurovision expert with over 20 years of experience as well as 4 years of experience as part of Malta’s official delegation; 


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Victor Abela – one of Malta’s best videographers with great experience within the Eurovision sphere and Malta’s top TV productions such X-Factor, Malta’s Got Talent and Shark Tank. Victor is also the mastermind and DOP of some of Malta’s best Music Videos; 

Dalton Caruana – Dalton is not a new face within the media and entertainment sector. He boasts vast experience as well as having been one of Malta Daily’s contributors. Dalton will keep you updated with constant stories on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. 

Fabian Demicoli – The 4th member is Fabian Demicoli, a journalist and host of MatlaDaily’s very own ‘The Interview. Demicoli follows Eurovision closely and will be in charge of Editing for this exciting project.


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This is definitely a great team which will once again deliver the best and most exclusive and straight to the point Eurovision news for everyone to enjoy.