5 benefits of laser hair removal

5 benefits of laser hair removal
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The year is 2021 and self-care is as important as ever. Whether it’s taking care of your mental health or making sure you are in tip-top shape, taking care of oneself should always be a priority. Naturally, one of the most tedious and demanding self-care routines is controlling body hair, but you can kiss those problems goodbye thanks to laser hair removal. The convenient procedure rids you of any excess body hair in a few easy steps and here are some of its benefits:

You’ll Save Money in the Long Run

One of laser hair removal’s primary benefits is the amounts you save on razors and shaving supplies. Upkeep and maintenance will be a thing of the past and you can forget spending money on waxing strips, shaving foam or any other products as the treatment will have you covered for quite a while. To make things even better, the gentle and effective process will make sure you are as comfortable as possible doing it.

Eliminate Ingrown Hairs

Since laser hair removal quite literally goes to the root of the problem, it is the best and most effective way of removing ingrown hairs. This will save you numerous painful experiences as the procedure tackles the problem from the root or the hair follicle and thus eliminates ingrown hairs once and for all. Once the follicle will no longer be able to produce hair, the area will begin to heal and you are covered.

It Saves Time

Apart from saving hundreds, if not thousands, on shaving-related products, laser hair removal will save you hours of upkeep by bypassing the habitual pre-outing shave. By signing up for the procedure, you are making more time for yourself by being clean shaven and ready to go, no matter what the situation. Save yourself months of shaving and maintenance in around 6 sessions with 6-8 week intervals, depending on the treated area.

Gives you lasting results and leaves your skin smoother and silkier

Due to the fact that laser hair removal will tackle hair from the follicles, the procedure will give you lasting silky smooth skin. The laser is attracted to the melanin in the hair follicle, where it is converted into heat energy. Thus, it destroys the stem cell in the hair follicle and prevent future growth. Naturally, one should note that people with darker hair and lighter skin are easier to treat as there is a greater difference between the amount of melanin in the skin and hair.

Good for all body areas, and ideal prior to tattooing

The extraordinary process makes use of Candela GentleLase Pro and Candela GentleLase Pro-U technology which will not only deliver quality treatment in a fraction of the usual time but utilise top of the range cooling devices to ensure maximum comfort. Beyond being FDA approved, the treatments are gentle effective and offer the desired results at the lowest possible price.

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The ‘worst cold ever’ is ravaging the UK post pandemic

The ‘worst cold ever’ is ravaging the UK post pandemic
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As if we haven’t had enough of viruses, people in Britain are dealing with what many are deeming ‘the worst cold ever’. The numbers of people suffering from the common cold are reportedly on the rise, with experts saying that because everyone’s immune system has had a year off, the seasonal illnesses are making a comeback with longer and more intense effects. The GDP stated that the numbers are higher than they usually are, as many are mingling in a way that was absent for the past 18 months. 

During the first lockdowns, infections unrelated to COVID-19 dropped significantly. The GDP spokespersons suspect this to be because of lockdowns restricting meet ups. Social media is also blowing up with posts about this wave of non-COVID infections. Despite these viruses are usually nothing to worry about, the pandemic is still a very real threat. So medical experts are recommending PCR tests just in case and maybe avoiding contact for a while for anyone feeling under the weather. Whether its COVID-19 or a little sneeze, no one appreciates being the recipient of either. 


Photo Source: British Heart Foundation

Cardini’s cocktail tree is perfect for any squad outing and we love it!

Cardini's cocktail tree is perfect for any squad outing and we love it!
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Have you ever struggled with the problem of going out with your friends and having second thoughts on the cocktail you ordered? What about ordering the wrong cocktail and preferring your friends’ drinks over yours? Well, Trattoria Cardini in Sliema may solved all of your alcoholic beverage-related problems with the launch of their new cocktail tree.

That’s right, cocktail tree. The simple but satisfying structure enhances the social experience of going out for drinks by propping up your favourite boozy beverages in a neat, super-Instagrammable structure which allows you to mix and match your favourite drinks. The cocktail tree consists of 8 cocktails which makes it ideal for a group outing.

Beyond having a warm, welcoming atmosphere, Trattoria Cardini are well known for providing many mouth-watering and flavourful dishes which will surely tingle your tastebuds. You can get yourself anything from sliders to ribs and everything in between, not to mention the iconic Cardini churros.

Trust us, if your squad needs a night out, head to Cardini ASAP.


Here’s why you should visit Sicily this Christmas

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Now that summer is over, Christmas is right around the corner and whether you’re thinking of clever present ideas or scouring the internet for the perfect Christmas sweater, the festive season is upon us and we are ready. However, after what has been a relatively timid summer, a holiday is just the change of pace we need right now and thanks to Virtu Ferries, a Sicilian Christmas is as accessible as can be. In between traditional activities and great prices, here’s why you should visit Sicily this Christmas.

Change of Routine

Like we said, it has been a relatively calm summer in terms of organised activities and trips, which is why a change of routine and a step into the unordinary is precisely what’s needed during the Christmas holidays.

Pack your bags and head to the gorgeous island of Sicily for a traditional Christmas celebration unlike any other and delight in the fact that you got a huge bang for your buck with Virtu Ferries’ great deals!

Great Food

What is culture without food? Exactly. The Italian island of Sicily is well-known for its traditional delights, more so during the Christmas period with everything from fantastic fish dishes to finger-licking desserts.

One of our absolute favourites is the iconic Pignolata, a stack of fried dough balls dipped in honey and tossed with sprinkles which tastes even better than it looks. Not to mention the all-time classic Sicilian cannoli which are worth a trip on their own any time of year!

Sicilian Tradition

Sicily and its people are wholeheartedly-rooted in culture, where tradition is celebrated in a grand way and this is as prevalent as ever during Christmas time.

From the abundant religious displays to the popular & vibrant Christmas markets, Sicily is bursting with seasonal activities, entertainment, craft and gastronomy and it would be a shame to miss out on an experience such as this!

Value For Money

Well-known for providing the best deals all year round, Virtu Ferries are providing the ideal December Super Offer which allows you to enjoy a pleasant holiday whilst also having enough cash to throw around for Christmas presents.

The offer is also eligible for Christmas and New Year Weekend and passengers can travel for as little as €49 with the return fare included! Time is of the essence and planning in advance is essential so don’t forget; book early, save more.

So Many Benefits

Going on a Christmas or New Year holiday with Virtu Ferries does not mean that you have to shell out all of your hard-earned holiday savings. Quite the contrary, Virtu Ferries are not only offering a €49 passenger ticket with return fare included, but a motorcycle ticket costs a mere €59 and car ticket €69.

To top it all off, kids travel free and the tickets are refundable, making it the ideal holiday for anyone wanting to change up their usual Christmas celebrations.

The offer is valid until the end of October so think ahead to benefit from the best prices for your Christmas Holiday.

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