4,176 Pink Burgers Sold In Aid of Breast Cancer Research & Support

Nov 15 2023 Share

Now that Pink October has come to an end, we can finally announce that a grand total of 4,176 Malta Daily X Burgers.Ink Pink Burgers were sold throughout the month of October!

That’s right – proceeds from more than 4,100 burgers will be going towards breast cancer support & research thanks to YOU! Such an incredible and altruistic effort could not have been made without the incredible members of our community, together with some of the most beloved media personalities and content creators on the island.

Part of the burgers’ proceeds will be going directly to Hospice Malta, a voluntary organisation which provides and promotes the highest standards of Palliative care for persons with cancer, motor neurone disease, end of life respiratory, cardiac, renal and liver disease whilst also helping and supporting the families of such individuals.

Who knew that this mouth-watering marriage of beef, butter, buns, beetroot, cheese, tomato and rucola could help the community? Thank you for being part of our journey.


This Balenciaga Bath Towel Costs $925…

This Balenciaga Bath Towel Costs $925...
Nov 15 2023 Share

Balenciaga’s designer, Demna Gvasalia, known for his penchant for trolling and creating eccentric luxury fashion, has released a $925 terry-cloth towel skirt as part of the spring 2024 collection. 

This seemingly straightforward cotton towel features a “Balenciaga logo embroidered tone-on-tone at the front,” according to the brand’s website. However, critics point out the comparable utility of a $21.99 Amazon wrap towel, which includes a front pocket.

Gvasalia’s history includes designing provocative and overpriced items, such as “destroyed” sneakers and a “trash pouch” handbag, but he briefly shifted focus in response to accusations of sexualizing children in Balenciaga’s 2022 holiday ad. 

In February, he expressed a commitment to creating quality clothing rather than relying on gimmicks.

Despite unveiling a fall 2023 collection praised for refined tailoring and nods to Balenciaga’s original strengths, Gvasalia continues to surprise with items like the towel skirt. 

Some critics view this as a departure from the essence of fashion, as Gvasalia had acknowledged in placards at a show, emphasizing that fashion’s core lies in shapes, volumes, and silhouettes.

Gvasalia, positioning himself as a “forever designer,” has faced criticism for deviating from the traditional emphasis on quality clothing. The release of the towel skirt raises questions about his intentions and the ongoing contrast between his statements and his design choices.


We Asked AI To Imagine Maltese Roads With More Trees

We Asked AI To Imagine Maltese Roads With More Trees
Nov 15 2023 Share

Not really much to add here, is there?

We asked artificial intelligence to reimagine Malta’s roads with more trees, following the recent controversy over the relocation of the ficus trees from their Mosta abode.

The images picture the island’s roads with massive trees and greenery all around – a sore necessity many feel that the island is lacking as opposed to its rampant concrete and construction projects. 


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Whereas some aren’t too far off from the small spots where trees do reach out onto the roads, offering cool shade from commuting cars, some reimagine the roads as being completely engulfed with these ancient flora. 

Another shows a wide valley of nothing but grass and trees alongside a country road. What do you make of these images?


Prime Minister Had ‘Positive’ Meeting With Andre Callus After Arrest

Prime Minister Had 'Positive' Meeting With Andre Callus After Arrest
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Taking to social media, Prime Minister Robert Abela revealed that he met Moviment Graffitti’s Andre Callus wherein they discussed various themes and subjects. 

The main subject could be speculated to have been the recent controversy surrounding the ficus trees in the Mosta square, which were almost removed to be replanted in Santa Margarita. 

Abela also stated that he met with the mayor of Mosta Chris Grech, saying that there is no doubt that he and his fellow council members wish to carry out the best projects for the locality. 

‘I remain strong in my belief in dialogue’, finished the Prime Minister.