399 for rent in social housing sites on offer

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399 for rent in social housing sites on offer

As part of the scheme by the Housing Authority, 399 are being offered for rent in several social housing sites around Malta. The applications for the scheme will open on the 11th of October and will close by the end of the year. Preference will be given to residents who live close to the garage, and those applicants who already have their own garage will not be eligible to benefit from the scheme. 

The garages are spread out thus:

  • 3 garages in Attard
  • 56 garages in Birkirkara 
  • 115 garages in Bormla
  • 35 garages in Kirkop
  • 22 garages in Imsida
  • 44 garages in Qrendi
  • 89 garages in Siggiewi 
  • 15 garages in Zebbug
  • 20 garages in Zurrieq

In the case of there bing multiple applicants interested in the same garage, with both having the same distance, the decision will be taken through raffle. Voluntary organisations who wish to apply for this scheme will be given priority independent of the distance. The call for application will be done through the website of Housing Authority in the coming days. 

Minister for Social Accommodation Roderick Galdes announced the scheme during a conference in the new social housing site in Zurrieq. He was accompanied by Executive Chief of the Housing Authority Leonid McKay. The latter explained how the garages will be allocated in a method used in the calls for tender offers and does not wish to give the garages to those financially powerful or well-adjusted. 

Minister Galdes said that the increase in population in zones where there are social accommodation buildings increases certain pressures. Apart from these 399 garages, more will be made available in the future. 


Photo Source: Roderick Galdes FB

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4 day work week ruled out by Finance Minister…for now

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4 day work week ruled out by Finance Minister for now

Addressing the launch of a national employment strategy, Finance Minister Clyde Caruana ruled out the move towards a four day work week ‘at this stage’. Caruana revealed that the government would be willing to discuss the prospect once worker productivity and skillsets improved. As of yet, Malta is not in that situation, said the minister, despite several other countries, including Iceland, Scotland and Spain, trying out the work week model. 

With the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development recently proposing a similar trial for the island, Caruana said that education needed to be improved first. The minister highlighted how in the span of 20 years there had been only marginal improvements in the number of students leaving compulsory education with six O-Levels. 

Caruana also acknowledged that many high-end jobs had been filled by foreigners as the Maltese did not have the skills to take them on. Creating new work opportunities would be ironic if worker’s children did not have the skills required to take them on. Malta has one of the highest rates of early school leavers in the EU, said the Minister. This would make it immensely difficult for Malta to compete in a world where Scandinavian youth spend an average of 21 years in education. 


Photo Source: Clyde Caruana FB, iStock

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Twistees go pink for breast cancer awareness month

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Twistees go pink for breast cancer awareness month

One of Malta’s favourite snacks, Twistees, has switched up its packaging to a pink colour to raise awareness for Pink October. The month is dedicated to raising awareness on Breast Cancer, and Twistees is now jumping onto the good cause by selling packets with the iconic colour associated with the movement. 

A donation to ‘Action for Breast Cancer Foundation’ is being made by Twistees on sale of the pink packets. 

Twistees is Malta’s iconic branded snack established over 40 years ago, coming in nibbles with a whole range of flavours. As the brand continues to grow through innovative new marketing ideas, their latest move will help raise awareness about a situation which impacts thousands around the globe. 


Photo Source: Twistees Malta

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First reading on cannabis reform proposal tabled by reforms minister

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First reading on cannabis reform proposal tabled by reforms minister

Posting to Twitter, Reforms Minister Owen Bonnici revealed that he presented the first reading of the cannabis reform proposed by the government. Bonnici stated that this bill will establish a new legal framework governing responsible use of cannabis. ‘This important reform will keep showing [the Maltese government’s] unwavering and determined commitment to continue to be at the forefront of progressive change.’

The White paper is mainly proposing the decriminalisation of cannabis for those in possession of under 7grams or less for personal use. It also proposes that proceedings be seen before the Commissioner of Justice rather than criminal court. The cultivation of up to four plants of cannabis per household is also being proposed, with the Prime Minister also promising the inclusion of a legal course of procurement. The latter has not yet been clarified. 


Photo Source: Owen Bonnici FB

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