39-year-old woman grievously injured in Nadur

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A 39-year-old woman was grievously injured whilst attempting to climb onto the pavement in Nadur at around 10 AM this morning.
The woman was taken to hospital where her injuries were described as grievous.

108 COVID-19 cases registered overnight with 46 recoveries

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Malta has registered 108 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours from 2,788 swab tests, while 46 patients have recovered. This information was announced by the official Facebook page of Malta’s Ministry for Health.

From yesterday’s cases; 21 cases were family members of previously known cases, 10 cases were contacts of positive work colleagues, 9 cases were direct contacts with other positive cases, 5 cases were from social gatherings with other positive cases.

To date, Malta has registered 11,910 COVID-19 cases in total, of which: 10,161 have recovered, 196 died and 1,553 are still active.


Lionel Messi reaches Pele’s goal record

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Lionel Messi has now reached Pele’s legendary record of 643 goals for one club. This happened during last Saturday’s game against Valencia at Camp Nou.

Messi’s first goal for Barcelona was back in 2005 against Albacete.


Malta issues first production license to a medical cannabis company

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Malta has issued the first license related to the production of medical marijuana in the Maltese Islands.

The license was issued to a Canadian company by the name of Aphria. The products will be manufactured, packaged and tested in Malta.


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