36-year-old man struck with iron bar in Armier

Dec 26 2020 Share

Yesterday at around 11 AM, a 36-year-old man from Birkirkara was struck with an iron bar by one of two women that were present during an argument in Armier.

The argument initially involved two men who were later joined by two women.

The men were treated for their injuries and investigations are still ongoing.


Jurgen Klopp dismisses rumours that Salah is unhappy at Liverpool

Dec 25 2020 Share

Following previous rumours that Egyptian forward Mohamed Salah is unhappy at Liverpool FC, coach Jurgen Klopp has dismissed any assumptions made about his state at the Premier League side.

In a statement made by Klopp, the coach said that Salah was laughing and enjoying himself at the last session and that he is always in a good mood and that his performance does not reflect any negative vibes.

Whatever the future holds for the forward is surely positive, but for now, one thing is sure – he is healthy and happy at Liverpool FC and will continue to pick up momentum as the season progresses.


Netflix’s Locke & Key is returning for Season 3!

Dec 25 2020 Share

Netflix has stepped up its production game BIG TIME over the past few years and Locke & Key is one of the sweet fruits of their labor.

The comic book adaptation follows the story of the Locke children as they move back to Keyhouse after their father’s death.

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Season 2 just wrapped up filming and is already highly-anticipated for 2021 but the streaming giant have locked in (pun intended) a third season and we can’t wait to see what’s next for the Lockes.


4 Christmas movies you can watch on Netflix this year

Dec 25 2020 Share

Let’s face it, everyone gets those post-lunchtime blues during Christmas knowing that we’re approaching the end of the holiday season and there’s nothing left to do.

What we do have to our advantage, however, is the benefit of having a myriad of marvellous merry-time movies at our disposal to watch on Christmas afternoon into evening.

Our first pick would easily be ‘A Knight Before Christmas’, which is definitely the number 1 ‘couples-force-eachother-to-watch’ film for 2020 with its cringe but admittedly cute Christmas movie tropes and cliche but classic plot.

Pick number 2 goes out to the wild ones out there with ‘A Bad Moms Christmas’, a cheeky movie about moms gone wild during the festive season. If you enjoyed movies like Neighbours or Bad Grandpa, you’ll love this.

The third, one of our undisputed favourites – an animated Christmas classic in The Polar Express. A warm holiday tale which you never get fed up of seeing. FUN FACT: When we asked YOU what is your number Christmas movie, this one made the top 3!

Finally, one of the most iconic Christmas films ever to grace the silver screen, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. This staple Christmas flick has been around for quite a while and it will, undoubtedly, never get old.