35 new vehicles on Malta’s roads every day in 2022

35 new vehicles on Malta's roads every day in 2022
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In a recent publication issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO), it was revealed that Malta saw 35 new cars on its streets every day in 2022, with the total amount of vehicles on the country’s roads reaching a whopping 424,904.

Twenty-three thousands new vehicles were registered in 2022, the highest figure of new vehicles since 2022, with 42% of them being passenger cars while 37% were motorcycles and e-bikes.

The amount of passenger cars reached slightly over 303,000, which accounts for 74.7% of active vehicles, according to the NSO. Additionally, 12.4% were goods-carrying vehicles and 12.2% were motorcycles, E-bikes, PA-bikes, special purpose vehicles, E-kick scooters, agricultural vehicles and minibuses. Buses, quadricycles, ATVs and road tractors accounted for less than one percent.

During the fourth quarter of 2022, electric and plug-in hybrid motor vehicles accounted for 2.7% of the entire stock with a total of 11,626 motor vehicles.


Alfred’s Ħamrun Kiosk temporarily moved its operations to cafeteria across the street

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Alfred, the owner of a popular kiosk in Ħamrun, was today, exclusively interviewed by Malta Daily following the devastating fire that destroyed his kiosk. The interview provides a firsthand account of the tragic event and sheds light on Alfred’s thoughts and emotions in the aftermath of the fire.

Alfred begins by describing the moment he received the news that his kiosk was on fire. He admits that he didn’t know what exactly happened at the time, and the shock of the way he took the bad news is evident in his words. Alfred’s first instinct was to rush to the kiosk, but he was advised against it due to the extensive damage and the potential impact on his health and explained that his son took him to Ħamrun.

The interview then moves on to Alfred’s emotional state in the aftermath of the fire. He admits that it’s difficult to accept the reality of the situation and that he initially felt like he was dreaming. However, as time passes, he is starting to come to terms with what has happened and is slowly regaining his health.

Despite the devastation caused by the fire, Alfred is quick to express his gratitude that no one was hurt. He also speaks highly of his workers, who have been quick to contribute to the recovery efforts. Alfred’s optimism shines through as he talks about the progress being made in rebuilding the kiosk, and he estimates that it will take another 4-6 weeks to be fully operational.

In the meantime, Alfred and his team are doing their best to serve their customers from a nearby cafeteria, across the road from the kiosk, and he notes that their customers are being very supportive during this difficult time. He is grateful for their cooperation and acknowledges that his business will continue to operate, even if it means working from a limited space.

Overall, the interview with Alfred provides a moving insight into the aftermath of a tragic event that has impacted his business and his life. His gratitude, optimism, and determination to overcome this setback are truly inspiring, and it’s clear that the people of Ħamrun are lucky to have such a resilient and dedicated business owner in their community.



Armed hold-up in Birkirkara sparks police search

Armed hold-up in Birkirkara sparks police search
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Police are current investigating and searching for a person who reportedly carried out an armed holdup in Birkirkara.

This afternoon, the man reportedly fled the scene of the crime with cash from the register. The incident happened at around 1230hrs on Wednesday, with the man entering a shop in Triq tal-Ħerba. 

An initial statement by police officers on the scene revealed that the currently unknown person, armed with a knife, entered the shop and demanded money from the cashier. 

The thief fled the scene after getting the cash they demanded. The searcher the person is still ongoing but police confirmed that no one was harmed. 


LESA officer commended for helping driver with puncture on Valentine’s Day

LESA officer commended for helping driver with puncture on Valentine's Day
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A post uploaded to Are You Being Served? (Rubs of Moira and Francesca’s The Original) Facebook page commended a LESA officer for helping them out after getting a massive puncture on Valentine’s Day. 

‘My Valentine’s day started with a bang…literally’ said Julie Pomorski. ‘I had a massive puncture… but I was aided by this LESA officer, who didn’t only get his hands dirty and changed by tyre…’

‘He also showed me the way to the nearest petrol station as my spare tyre was also a tad flat.’ 

‘Good people still exist and officer 909 went out of his way to help me out and to make sure I was safe’ the post finished.