34,699 Students Set To Start Or Return To School

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School Year 2023-24: Significant Numbers and Preparations

As the upcoming school year approaches, the Ministry of Education in Malta is gearing up for the return of thousands of educators and students.

Here are some key numbers and preparations for the start of the 2023-24 school year:

On September 25, a total of 7,712 educators in State schools will resume their duties, preparing to impart knowledge and support to students throughout the year.

September 27 marks the return of students, with 28,757 students entering schools across Malta. These students span from the first year of Primary to the eleventh year of Secondary education.

Additionally, 5,942 Kindergarten-level students will commence their school year on October 2. In total, when all students have returned, a staggering 34,699 students will have entered State schools.

The new school year sees the employment of 275 new professionals among educators, Kindergarten Educators (KGE), and Learning Support Educators (LSEs). Furthermore, contracts for 566 other professionals have been renewed.

A crucial aspect of the educational system, this school year will provide 2,410 free school transport routes, with 925 dedicated to State school students. Approximately 32,833 students, ranging from Kindergarten to Secondary, will benefit from this service.

Minister for Education, Sport, Youth, Research, and Innovation, Clifton Grima, emphasised the extensive preparations undertaken to ensure a smooth start to the school year. Efforts were made to ensure that all classes in State schools have dedicated educators for each subject and to enhance the overall educational environment. These endeavours encompassed infrastructural, digital, and technological improvements, all aimed at enhancing the educational experience.

Minister Grima extended his well-wishes to educators, administrative staff, and students, recognising their commitment and dedication to the education system. He highlighted that the ultimate goal of the new school year is to provide students with every opportunity to achieve their individual aspirations.


Activists Highlight Abortion Reality in Malta

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A group of activists gathered in Triton Square to make a powerful statement ahead of the upcoming pro-choice rally on Saturday, September 30th.

Holding signs that read “I had an abortion,” these individuals aimed to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the topic of abortion in Malta while emphasising its prevalence despite being illegal.

The pro-choice rally is an annual event organised by the Voice for Choice coalition to commemorate International Safe Abortion Day on September 28th.

This year’s theme focuses on addressing the pervasive stigma that continues to affect Maltese society concerning abortion.

The Voice for Choice Coalition comprises 14 organisations dedicated to advocating for reproductive rights in Malta, including Academics for Choice, aditus foundation, Doctors for Choice, Grandparents for Choice, Integra Foundation, Lawyers for Choice, Malta Humanists Association, Men Against Violence, MGRM, Moviment Graffitti, Parents for Choice, Students for Choice, Women’s Rights Foundation, and Young Progressive Beings.


“A Traffic Jam Nightmare” – More Than 3 Hours Standstill Traffic

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Commuters driving through Gżira, Ta’ Xbiex, Sliema and Msida were in for an unexpected surprise at the end of their workweek.

What seemed like an ordinary Friday evening quickly transformed into a traffic nightmare, leaving many motorists bewildered and frustrated.

Shortly after 6pm, reports and social media posts began flooding in, documenting a seemingly never-ending traffic jam clogging the streets of Msida and its neighbouring areas.

People were left scratching their heads, wondering what could have caused this vehicular chaos.

As part of Mobility Week, the Msida Local Council and Transport Malta had joined forces to organise “Active In The Square.” This special event, scheduled from 7pm to 10pm, promised a wide array of attractions, from go-karts to bouncing castles, right in the heart of Msida.

While thousands of eager attendees flocked to the event, many frustrated commuters stuck in traffic were less than thrilled.

Videos shared on social media showcased the magnitude of the gridlock, with some motorists reportedly abandoning their cars to wait by the roadside.

Triq ix-Xatt, a vital roadway for motorists, was effectively blocked off, causing a ripple effect of congestion that spilled into nearby streets.

The traffic snarl even reached Gżira and Kappara, leaving no corner untouched.

Social media erupted with reports of the unexpected road closure, prompting a chorus of irate drivers questioning the decision to disrupt traffic during peak hours.


Malta’s Full-Time Employment Surges by 8.2%

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In a display of economic resilience, Malta’s job market is on fire as the latest figures from the National Statistics Office (NSO) reveal a remarkable surge in full-time employment.

In just one year, the number of registered full-time workers skyrocketed by a staggering 8.2%.

But that’s not all – Part-time workers are also joining the employment fiesta, with their numbers on the rise.

The NSO reports that 33,373 workers have embraced part-time roles as their primary gig, showcasing a substantial 3.8% increase compared to the same month last year.

Diving deeper into the data, it becomes crystal clear that the private sector is leading the charge, with an impressive surge of over 10% in full-time workers within a year.

Meanwhile, the public sector seems to have taken a breather, experiencing a marginal dip in full-time employment.