26-Year-Old Sustains Serious Injuries After Coast Road Incident on Saturday

Nov 12 2023 Share

A 26-year-old man from Gudja sustained a number of injuries on Saturday after losing control of his motorcycle at the Coast Road.

The police were informed of the incident at around 4:30PM, with preliminary investigations revealing that the Gudja resident lost control of his BMW motorcycle.

After being attended to by a medical team and taken to Mater Dei hospital, it was revealed that the man sustained serious injuries.

An investigation is currently underway.


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Housing & Therapeutic Services For Local Prisoners & Their Families

Housing & Therapeutic Services For Local Prisoners & Their Families
Nov 11 2023 Share

With 25 years of expertise in family intervention for prisoners and their families, Mid-Dlam ghad-Dawl (MDD) has established itself as a leading authority in the field. Building on their prior research initiative titled “Locked Out, Families of the Incarcerated,” MDD is taking a significant step forward by integrating supportive housing and therapeutic services for prisoners and their families.


The primary objective is to create a domestic environment that is not only welcoming but also child-friendly, aiming to promote integration and simulate real-life scenarios. This initiative aligns with MDD’s commitment to upholding the respect and dignity of prisoners, extending support to both prisoners’ families and ex-prisoners as they navigate the challenges of rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

In collaboration with IFT Malta, MDD envisions a therapeutic centre that will provide professional counselling, support, and information to both families and incarcerated individuals. The partnership between the Housing Authority and Fondazzjoni Mid-Dlam Ghad-Dawl, formalised in 2019, culminated in the successful transformation of the Birgu residence into a therapeutic facility, a project awarded to Openworks Studio through a design competition.

During a press conference themed “Malta Ġusta,” Ministers Byron Camilleri and Roderick Galdes emphasised the government’s commitment to social policies in action. Minister Camilleri, responsible for Homes Affairs, Security, Reforms, and Equality, expressed the significance of the newly inaugurated halfway house, stating that it serves as a testament to the government’s social policy. This initiative, realised through an agreement with the Dlam għad-Dawl Foundation, involves a team of professionals, including social, medical, and sporting experts, working together to aid in the rehabilitation of individuals serving sentences.

Minister Galdes, overseeing Social and Affordable Housing, emphasised that the opening of this residence sends a powerful message about the comprehensive nature of accommodation, extending beyond the physical structure. He hinted at the possibility of more residences embracing this concept, with plans to open around five other specialised accommodations, repurposing empty properties in villages and towns.

George Busuttil, the Chairperson of Dlam għad-Dawl, introduced “Dar Bla Ħitan” as a continuation of their previous project, “Locked Out.” Through this initiative, over 100 families of prisoners have received free family therapy, leading to successful family reunions. The launch of this therapeutic residence signifies a significant stride forward in MDD’s ongoing efforts to support prisoners and their families on their journey to rehabilitation and reintegration.


SBK: Elevating Your Serie A Experience with Exclusive Derby Promotions

SBK: Elevating Your Serie A Experience with Exclusive Derby Promotions
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Enjoy a €5 Free Bet on Derby della Capitale and Derby d’Italia

Calling all Serie A fans! SBK is set to amplify your betting experience over the next two weeks with an exciting dual campaign featuring two of the most beloved derbies.

  • Lazio v Roma – Derby della Capitale Special: Sunday Showdown

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Next Week's Highlight: Juve v Inter - Derby d'Italia Extravaganza

Next Week’s Highlight: Juve v Inter – Derby d’Italia Extravaganza

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Mum’s Call as Powerful as a Hug, Study Finds

MUm's Call as Powerful as a Hug, Study Finds
Nov 11 2023 Share

In a fascinating revelation, research has unveiled the remarkable physiological effects of a mother’s voice on a child’s oxytocin levels, akin to the impact of a physical hug. The study suggests that a simple phone call, where a child hears their mother’s voice, can induce changes in cortisol and oxytocin levels, highlighting the profound influence of maternal communication on stress relief.

Oxytocin, often referred to as the “love hormone” or “bonding hormone,” plays a crucial role in social bonding and stress regulation. Cortisol, on the other hand, is a hormone associated with stress responses. The study’s findings indicate that the act of listening to a mother’s voice has the power to modulate these hormone levels, fostering a sense of comfort and connection similar to the effects of a physical embrace.

The implications of this research extend beyond the realms of parent-child relationships, offering insights into broader aspects of social behaviour and evolutionary biology across species. Understanding the physiological impact of communication, especially maternal, can shed light on the intricate mechanisms that underlie stress management and social bonding in various organisms.

The study prompts further exploration into the intricate dynamics of the mother-child bond and its role in shaping emotional well-being. The ability of a maternal voice to evoke such a response raises intriguing questions about the evolutionary significance of communication in maintaining social bonds and reducing stress, not only in humans but potentially across the animal kingdom.

As scientists delve deeper into these findings, the potential applications could extend to therapeutic interventions and strategies for stress management. Harnessing the power of maternal communication could prove beneficial in various contexts, from supporting child development to exploring avenues for reducing stress and anxiety in individuals of all ages.

In essence, this research underscores the profound impact of something as seemingly simple as a phone call and a mother’s voice. It unveils the intricate connections between communication, hormones, and emotional well-being, opening up new avenues for understanding and harnessing the therapeutic potential of human connection in our complex and interconnected world.