25 storm calls addressed by Civil Protection last weekend

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25 storm calls addressed by Civil Protection last weekend

The Civil Protection Department addressed 25 storm related calls last weekend, Times of Malta revealed, after the islands were hit by severe weather. 

Over 70 officers from the department were on the ground at any one time across Saturday and Sunday, helping people as vehicles got stuck in water and other debris disrupted traffic and commuting. 

A CPD spokesperson told the newsroom tat the most challenging job was rescuing people from vehicles stuck in flooded areas. 

Giving a shout out to NGOs who support the department on such days, the spokesperson also said that in such situations the department calls in additional resources to ensure maximum safety for all. 

Heavy investment into additional vehicles and equipment massively helps, the spokesperson said, even if getting to the incident spot in such weather is a challenge in itself. 

Malta was battered by rain, heavy wind as well as thunder and lightning. The worse seems to have passed for now as Malta is expected to have mainly sunny weather this weekend. 



Kanye kicked off Twitter again after saying ‘I like Hitler’

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Kanye kicked off Twitter again after saying ‘I like Hitler’

What could officially be the final nail in the coffin for rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, came after comments made about Adolf Hitler and other incitements to violence. 

Appearing on renowned conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ InfoWars on Thursday 1st December, Ye claimed he believes Nazis did good things and praised Adolf Hitler. 

‘Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler’ said the rapper on the show. This comes after Ye was reinstated to Twitter after having it banned when Musk took over Twitter.

Apart from the Hitler comments, Ye shared images of Musk on a yacht as well as a Nazi swastika inside the Jewish Star of David. To this, he used the hashtags LOVESPEECH and LOVE EVERYONE. 

This recent incident led to Musk replying to Tweets about the rapper saying: ‘I tried my best. Despite that, he again violated our rule against incitement to violence. Account will be suspended.’ 

In screenshots posted by Ye before the account was suspended, Musk reportedly sent a text message saying: ‘Sorry, but you have gone too far. This is not love.’ He also clarified Ye was being removed for the comments and not the unflattering photo of himself. 


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Maltese couple teams up for Malta in Brussels

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MEP Cyrus Engerer and MP Randolph De Battista took part in discussions held at the European Parliament in Belgium.

This was the first time that the Maltese couple sat on the seats of the same parliament.

De Battista was representing the Maltese Parliament whilst Engerer represented the European Parliament during discussions about rule of law, democracy, and fundamental rights.

Posting on social media, MEP Cyrus Engerer shared an interesting fact: “I know of 4 different couples where one person is an MEP and the other in the national parliament or senate.”



51 recruits successfully complete basic military training

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Fifty-one recruits from intake 221 have successfully completed their basic military training.
After the selection process, 68 recruits enlisted and began the necessary training on July 18th 2022. During this period, the recruits were exposed to military life, where they were trained in various fields such as physical training, training in the use of weapons, in drill and other military subjects. By the end of this training, 51 recruits completed their training successfully.
In line with military tradition, this occasion is celebrated with a Passing Out Parade. This is a day that marks their change from a recruit to a soldier in front of distinguished guests and family. During this parade, inside the barracks of Ħal Luqa, the recruits formed in their respective squads, and together with their instructors and Training School personnel, saluted and performed a march-past in slow and quick time in honour of the dignitaries present.
These soldiers will now be posted to the various units of the AFM according to the exigencies of the Service whether on land, at sea or in the air.
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