2,400 counterfeit Nike shoes to be destroyed by Customs

2,400 counterfeit Nike shoes to be destroyed by Customs
May 13 2022 Share

Customs has been ordered by the First Chamber of the Civil Court to destroy 2,400 counterfeit pairs of Nike shoes which arrived in Malta last year. 

Customs officers had found a consignment of 100 boxes with the a total of 2,400 pairs of shoes in a container. Suspicions that the shoes were non-genuine were proven correct. 

The shoes were unloaded in the Port of Marsaxlokk from the ship APL Austria, which entered Malta on 17th May last year. 

The American company Nike, along with Swoosh Design, are trademarks used by the company on various products ranging from shoes to caps, and are registered EU Trade Marks. 

Their entry into Malta infringed the property right of the company that made the application, insofar as they were not genuine. Customs were thus ordered to destroy the goods without any compensation within 90 days of the date of the judgement. 


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Stand-up comedy show for kids aged 7 to 12 taking place on Saturday

May 12 2022 Share

This weekend, local comedian Kevin Naudi will be holding a very special stand-up comedy show for kids aged between 7 and 12 years old and trust us when we tell you that it’s hilarious.

The event will take place at M Space, Blue Box in Imsida and only a few tickets remain!

Speaking about the event, Naudi explained: “From understanding why NO is the quickest and most used word/answer by kids, to realising that watching too much Peppa Pig makes me hungry, to having strong feelings (of dislike) towards a cartoon character that kids love…

“I’m taking kids on a journey of reality checks, on understanding the value of time, to a world of imagining a world in which classic Fairy Tales had to be based on nowadays,” Naudi said.

When purchasing 2 or more tickets, you can get yourself a 25% discount by using promo code JUKDKN25.


Join us LIVE from the Eurovision Arena tonight after Emma Muscat’s performance

Join us LIVE from the Eurovision Arena tonight after Emma Muscat's performance
May 12 2022 Share

Tonight, Malta Daily and Peter Carbonaro will be going LIVE on Facebook from the Eurovision Arena right after tonight’s Semi Final 2 performances.

Malta’s own Emma Muscat will perform her track ‘I Am What I Am’ in the sixth position with hopes of securing a spot amongst the ten finalists at Saturday’s Eurovision final show.

Malta Daily’s Peter Carbonaro and Dalton Caruana will be inside the arena right after the 10 finalists are announced, with Peter going live on Malta Daily’s Facebook with Andreana Debattista and Luca Lorenzo. They will discuss the 2nd Semi Final, Malta’s performance and more!

Who will make it to the final?


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Dog-friendly beaches, running spaces & more recommended by Commissioner for Animal Welfare

May 12 2022 Share

Commissioner for Animal Welfare Alison Bezzina has presented a number of new recommendations to the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Animal Rights Anton Refalo and parliamentary secretary Alicia Bugeja Said.

The fourth set of recommendations includes three new proposals, joining the 15 recommendations Bezzina had already presented with hopes to improve the Animal Welfare Directorate’s operations.

The first recommendation suggests an increase in dog-friendly run free spaces to address the lack of adequate dog parks in Malta, where dogs are allowed to roam leash-free. This proposal also includes dog-friendly beaches, with all spaces being closed off into smaller areas for fewer dogs which can remain under the surveillance of their owners.

Another proposal suggests the conducting of a National Census of Captive Animals in Malta in Gozo to understand how many domestic and exotic animals are currently in Malta, with worries of a significant number of unregistered and illegal animals.

The third and final proposals includes improvement of the electronic microchipping system, which also allows shared ownership and automatic flagging in the case of indiscretions from owners. This would help with regards to flagging of individuals convicted of animal cruelty.

What do you make of these proposals?