2 Maltese Brothers On Forbes’ Miami Under 30

2 Maltese Brothers On Forbes' Miami Under 30
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Maltese brothers Liam and Travis Gerada have recently been featured on Forbes’ Under 30 Miami list for their successes with their business, Krepling.

Krepling is an innovative platform designed to help e-commerce companies grow their businesses without needing any coding skills.


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‘More than 600 merchants use Krepling to easily build both the front-end and back-end of their online stores, and the platform also automates marketing tasks for them to implement.’

‘The Geradas have raised $2.5 million since the company’s launch in 2020 and say they will surpass $1 million in revenue this year.’

Forbes wrote that the entrepreneurs on the list are collectively projected to generate $300 million in revenue by the end of this year.


Peppi Azzopardi & Ray Żażu Farrugia Banners Erected In Floriana

Peppi Azzopardi & Ray Żażu Farrugia Banners Erected In Floriana
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If you made your way to Floriana today, you might have noticed banners honouring personalities from Floriana, who made a name for themselves in various sectors of society.

Most notably, as proposed by PN local councillor and minority leader James Aaron Ellul, were Xarabank host Peppi Azzopardi and football coach Ray Żażu Farrugia, who also coached the Maltese National team, whilst also having a successful footballing career as a player. Farrugia also went on to open his own football school.

Azzopaardi and Farrugia weren’t the only established figures from Floriana with banners erected.

In fact, as proposed by other Floriana local councillors, and as voted by all council members, amongst the established figures, one could also notice banners of Alfred Mansueto, Joan Abela and Hon. MP Davinia Sammut Hili, amongst others.

Do you think every locality should do something like this when celebrating their feast?


You Can Now Vote For The Best Malta Premier Logo

You Can Now Vote For The Best Malta Premier Logo
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Malta Premier League have unveiled the final four logos which would eventually become the official logo.

’68 submissions were made following a public call, with 4 designs being shortlisted and submitted to the public for its opinion.’

‘The concept brief revolved around the Maltese Falcon, which is a National symbol known worldwide.’

Three of the logos include the falcon’s head, whereas another includes feathers from the same bird surrounding the design.

Which one do you prefer?


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Transport Minister Addresses This Morning’s Traffic

Transport Minister Addresses This Morning's Traffic
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Transport Minister Chris Bonett took to social media to address the traffic situation which saw various localities blocked with vehicles.

The Minister explained the two situations separately, seeing as there were traffic jams in both St Julian’s and in Paola.

As for St Julian’s, ‘maintenance works in St. Julian’s had to halt at 5:30 in the morning. I was informed that complications arose during the laying of the concrete, causing one lane to remain closed and creating a bottleneck that resulted in significant traffic.’

The Minister said that the contractor will bear responsibility but that he also understands that work can create complications.

As for Paola, many Muslims in Malta are celebrating Eid fl-Fitr today. Due to this, a large influx of people gathered in the area in celebration.

‘ Transport Malta had a reduced number of Enforcement Officers trying their best to manage the traffic problem, but at one point, we had the blocking of certain lanes near the Mosque. Enforcement officers do not have the authority to physically remove people from the road, so we needed police intervention, and that’s why the situation took a while to return to normal.’

Apologising for any inconvenience caused, the Minister said that he would remain honest and keep communication with public ongoing.

‘Unfortunately, incidents like today happen, although we are doing everything possible to make them less frequent.’