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19% carbon emission reduction by 2030 a challenge says Minister

 - Local - Oct 26
19% carbon emission reduction by 2030 a challenge says Minister

Addressing a national conference on climate change, Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia stated that cutting carbon emissions by 19% by the year 2030 will be a challenging task, but one that should be taken on nonetheless. The island is currently benefitting from a reduced target after seeking permission from the European Commission. This same commission had set a EU target of 36% by 2030, but Farrugia said that Malta is the lowest emitter per capita compared to other EU countries. With half of CO2 emissions coming from transport, the Minister said that the government’s budget decision to introduce an electric vehicle grant of €12,000 aims to achieve price parity between internal combustion engine cars and electric ones soon.

Farrugia said that although discussions had been held in parliament, no plans were presented to tackle the climate change issue. With a plan to make Malta carbon neutral by 2050, the time for discourse and romantic notions of the subject is over. Malta is being assertive in its strive for this goal, said Farrugia, and that the island will be present for the COP 2 (UN Climate Change Conference) next month. Transport Minister Ian Borg also spoke at the conference, stressing the importance of individual action, with measures such as electrifying the bus fleet and giving free transportation to all being crucial for this massive change.


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