12 year old student chases peer with butter knife at school

12 year old student chases peer with butter knife at school
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Times of Malta has reported that education authorities have had to launch investigations after an altercation between two students at Naxxar Middle School which involved a butter knife. 

The newsroom reported that the incident took place before noon on Tuesday, which saw two 12-year-old students fight and pull at each other’s hair at break time.

After being separated, one of the girls reportedly ran to the school kitchenette to grab a butter knife and chase the other girl. 

The commotion scared both teachers and students, but they were both stopped before anyone could get hurt. The parents were called in and disciplinary action was immediately taken against both students, who were sent home. 

A source informed Times of Malta that this is not the first instance the student caused trouble and re-issued calls for better security on and around school grounds. 


Speaker Anġlu Farrugia urges for MPs to become full-time employees of Parliament

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In a speech delivered on the occasion of the commemoration of Sette Giugno, the Honourable Anġlu Farrugia, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Parliament of Malta, highlighted the crucial role of parliamentary diplomacy in the Maltese Parliament. He emphasized the need for active engagement in international and inter-parliamentary organizations to work towards peace and foster dialogue in situations of conflict. Additionally, he expressed concerns about the indifference shown towards such initiatives, particularly regarding discussions between the parliaments of Ukraine and Russia. This article examines the key points raised in the speech and emphasizes the importance of upholding democratic principles, fostering mutual understanding, and strengthening the parliamentary institution.

Speaker Farrugia underscored the significance of maintaining a firm stance in international and inter-parliamentary organizations to facilitate dialogue between nations. Despite encountering resistance and indifference, he reiterated the importance of bringing up discussions on ceasing hostilities and engaging in peaceful dialogue, even in seemingly impossible circumstances. By actively working for peace between nations, Malta upholds its commitment to the principles of its Constitution and contributes to fostering solidarity and respect among nations.

To further promote tolerance and mutual understanding, the Maltese Parliament organised an international conference in collaboration with the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace. By engaging in discussions with representatives from various countries, the conference aimed to explore ways to foster mutual understanding and develop a culture of tolerance. Speaker Farrugia emphasized the pivotal role of tolerance in achieving peace and highlighted the Maltese Parliament’s proud membership in the International Parliament for Tolerance and Peace.

Speaker Farrugia expressed the need to establish a parliamentary procedure to address situations where Members of Parliament abuse their privilege by making incorrect or false statements about individuals. Presently, individuals have no recourse even if they suffer adverse consequences due to statements made in the parliamentary Chamber or committees. Recognising the potential impact on ongoing court proceedings, the Speaker proposed exploring models from various countries, particularly within the Commonwealth, to adopt a suitable approach that provides citizens with a means of redress.

The Speaker touched upon the importance of granting privileged status to evidence given before parliamentary committees, preventing its use in a court of law or before any other judicial authority. This proposal requires political commitment and in-depth discussions to ensure the necessary legislative measures are implemented effectively. Furthermore, Speaker Farrugia emphasized the need for continuous evaluation and improvement to strengthen the parliamentary institution, citing the importance of keeping Members of Parliament aware of past decisions, respecting parliamentary rulings, and adhering to established rules and procedures.

Anġlu Farrugia’s speech highlighted the critical role of parliamentary diplomacy in the pursuit of peace and dialogue among nations. He emphasised the need for Malta to assert its position firmly in international and inter-parliamentary organizations, while acknowledging the challenges and indifference faced. By promoting tolerance, facilitating open dialogue, and advocating for accountability and redress, the Maltese Parliament aims to strengthen its democratic principles and contribute to the well-being of its citizens and future generations. As Sette Giugno is commemorated each year, it serves as a reminder of the struggles faced by forefathers and an inspiration to continually strengthen and improve the esteemed institution of the Maltese Parliament.

The speech was delivered by Deputy Speaker David Agius in the absence of Speaker Anġlu Farrugia.


New Firefighting Boat Unveiled

New Firefighting Boat Unveiled
Jun 7 2023 Share

A firefighting boat specifically designed to tackle fires on small and medium-sized vessels has been revealed just in time for the summer season.

The Hydrolift P45, introduced by Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri and Civil Protection Department director-general Peter Paul Coleiro, promises faster response times in case of boat fires. Equipped with a central hose capable of jetting out 5,000 liters of water per minute, the vessel can reach an impressive top speed of 81 km/hr.

Coleiro emphasizes the critical importance of quick action, as every second lost at sea can potentially mean a life. He warns that boat fires often lead to small explosions, turning an otherwise beautiful day into a nightmare. To mitigate the risk of fires, Coleiro highlights the significance of regular vessel maintenance.

Moreover, the boat is currently undergoing tests to determine its suitability for combating coastal fires. Overall, this new firefighting boat aims to enhance safety and protection on the water.


📷 DOI Clifton Fenech.

Four individuals admitted to Mater Dei Hospital after traffic accident in San Ġiljan

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Yesterday, at approximately 1615hrs, authorities received notification of a collision involving a Mercedes Sprinter van on Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli in San Ġiljan. Upon arrival at the scene, the police discovered the damaged van with the driver and three passengers still inside.

Recognising the need for immediate assistance, the Civil Protection team and medical personnel were called to aid in extracting the injured individuals from the vehicle. Subsequently, ambulances transported all four individuals to Mater Dei Hospital to receive the required medical attention.

The driver, a 42-year-old man from San Paul il-Baħar, sustained minor injuries as a result of the accident. Two passengers, a 31-year-old German national and a 39-year-old Dutch national, were certified with more serious injuries. As for the remaining passenger, a 31-year-old man from Nepal, his current condition is still under assessment by medical professionals.

As with any traffic accident, authorities have launched investigations to determine the circumstances and causes behind the incident on Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli. Detailed analysis, including statements from witnesses and the examination of relevant evidence, will contribute to establishing a comprehensive understanding of the events leading up to the collision.

Photo Source: Malta Police Communications Department.